7 things you didn't know about modern OOH

7 things you didn't know about modern OOH

Most marketers know about out of home (OOH) ads (although we'll excuse the pure digital marketers who have never run anything but a search ad). But did you know this medium has changed over the years? The days of simple billboards and static posters you had to manually call multiple companies to run and guess about how to measure are long gone. Today’s OOH advertising is dynamic, interactive, and more integrated than ever before.

So for those new to the space, here are 7 things you didn’t know about modern OOH.

1. Planning is now simple

Gone are the days of scouting for the best locations to place your ads or worse yet not knowing where to begin. Modern OOH planning has been revolutionized by technology (check out AdQuick Browse if you haven’t) making it simpler and more efficient. Platforms like AdQuick allow marketers to plan and execute OOH campaigns with ease (we even have an AI planner). Using advanced algorithms and data analytics, these platforms can recommend optimal locations based on your target audience, budget, and campaign goals. You can even preview your ads in virtual settings before they go live, ensuring you make informed decisions.

2. You can target by audiences

Audience targeting is not limited to digital advertising. Modern OOH allows for precise audience targeting, thanks to advancements in data analytics and location-based technologies. You can target specific demographics, behaviors, and interests by choosing ad locations frequented by your desired audience. This level of targeting enhances the relevance and impact of your OOH campaigns, ensuring that your ads reach the right people at the right time.

3. OOH is actually measurable

One of the biggest myths about OOH advertising is that it’s difficult to measure its effectiveness. However, with the advent of new technologies, this is no longer the case. Tools like mobile data analytics and search lift can provide directionally correct and actionable insights into the reach and impact of your OOH campaigns. These tools track how many people see your ads, how long they engage with them, and even their subsequent actions. This level of measurability makes OOH a more accountable and reliable medium for marketers.

4. OOH Integrates with the rest of your martech stack

Modern OOH advertising is not a standalone tactic, it now seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing technology stack. Through API integrations and partner efforts, your OOH campaigns can sync the rest of the technology you already use. This integration allows for cohesive and coordinated marketing efforts across all channels, enhancing overall campaign effectiveness and providing a holistic view of your marketing performance.

5. OOH ads are shared on social daily

Unlike other ad formats, OOH ads have a unique characteristic: they are frequently shared on social media. Eye-catching and innovative OOH ads often capture the public’s attention and become viral content, extending their reach far beyond the physical location (and unlike “fake” OOH, real OOH is captured by thousands of users daily, the scale matters. This phenomenon creates a positive feedback loop between OOH and social media, where one amplifies the impact of the other. As a result, your OOH ads not only engage viewers in the real world but also generate buzz online, increasing brand visibility and engagement in the organic parts of the web you otherwise cannot pay to appear in.

6. OOH is growing in spend

While traditional media like TV are seeing decrease in effectiveness and reach, and digital advertising is reaching its saturation point, OOH is experiencing a renaissance. According to industry reports, OOH ad spend has been steadily increasing, reflecting its growing importance in the media mix. This growth is driven by the effectiveness and innovation in the OOH space, making it a preferred choice for marketers looking to diversify their advertising strategies and reach a broader audience.

7. OOH ads are the only truly unskippable ads

In an era where consumers are bombarded with ads and equipped with tools to skip or block them, OOH stands out as the only truly unskippable ad format. Whether it’s a billboard, transit ad, or digital screen in a public space, OOH ads are always in view and cannot be ignored or bypassed. This inherent characteristic ensures that your message is seen by your audience, providing a significant advantage over other ad formats. Combine this with the fact that they are unskippable and voluntarily shared shows the power of the medium, if done right.

Wrapping up

Out-of-home advertising has evolved significantly, making it a powerful and versatile component of any marketing strategy. With simplified planning, measurable results and precise audience targeting, modern OOH offers a unique and we think highest value opportunities for marketers. Embrace these advancements and make OOH a key part of your advertising efforts. We’re here to help when ready.