AdQuick New Partner RoundUp

With over 1100 media partners, AdQuick already provides unmatched access to every kind of OOH advertising in the US and abroad. But that doesn’t stop us from continually expanding to provide even greater reach and out-of-the-box ad opportunities. Read on to meet some of our newest partners...

AdQuick New Partner RoundUp

With over 1100 media owner partners, AdQuick already provides unmatched access to every kind of out-of-home advertising in the US and abroad.  But that doesn’t stop our team from continually expanding our partnerships to provide our customers with even greater reach and new, innovative, and out-of-the-box ad opportunities.

Just this past month, we’ve added a slew of partners offering unique ad solutions in rideshare vehicles, on college campuses, in elevators in Canada and Dubai, on digital jukeboxes in bars and restaurants, on grocery store shopping carts, and more!  

Read on to learn more about some of our newest media owner partners...

CheddarU:  CheddarU is the news network created exclusively for college students and viewed on over 400 campuses throughout the US.  This is the perfect addition to your back-to-school campaigns this fall!

TouchTunes Media: TouchTunes Media offers programmatic digital OOH ads on their digital jukeboxes, which are placed in over 75,000 bars and restaurants across North America and Europe.  Their inventory can be targeted by geography, time of day, music genre, venue type, language, and more.

National CineMedia (NCM):  NCM is the largest cinema advertising network in the U.S., reaching over 700 million moviegoers each year.  In movie theaters, NCM engages audiences with exciting programming in their Noovie pre-show. ​​

IndoorMedia: IndoorMedia’s grocery store advertising solutions include coupon receipt advertising, shopping cart advertising, and checkout stand advertising.

Vibenomics: They provide licensed background music playlists and professional voice announcements to businesses, and are a pioneer in Audio Out of Home Advertising.  Their audio OOH ad market includes placement in retailers, convenience stores, grocers, airports, restaurants and bars, parks, and more.  We already know out-of-home advertising can amplify the effectiveness of your entire media mix, and Vibenomics inventory is perfect to extend the reach of your radio buys.

Adload Technologies: Adload offers smart digital displays on long-haul truck trailers – with ads that can be targeted according to geofence data, time of day, and more.

Vertical Impression:  Vertical Impression is the largest residential and commercial elevator advertising network in Canada. They provide digital OOH ads within elevators located in apartment towers in over 40 communities throughout Canada – with the ability to target gender, age, and other demographic properties.

Refuel: Refuel owns a large selection of proprietary out-of-home solutions for niche audiences – including prominent displays integrated seamlessly among high schools, college campuses, and military base installations.   Another fantastic addition to your back-to-campus campaigns!

Alfi Ads: Alfi offers rideshare advertising – including ads in Uber and Lyft cars – via interactive tablets positioned inside the vehicle, which can​​ deliver ads based on real-time location, the viewer’s gender and age, and more.

Inevator: Inevator – which is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates – offers digital OOH advertising in urban cities in the Middle East and North Africa.

If you’d like to explore OOH advertising opportunities with these or any other of our 1100+ media owner partners, connect with our team today!  Our strategists can help you craft the perfect OOH media plan to achieve your unique campaign KPIs.