Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our OOH Media Planner – a standalone, free tool to help advertisers plan high-performing OOH campaigns in minutes. Using actionable insights gleaned from AdQuick’s robust data assets and proprietary predictive models, OOH Media Planner identifies the most effective way to spend your media budget in order to meet your unique campaign goals.

We’ve built the OOH Media Planner to be a useful resource for media buyers at all levels of experience with OOH – it makes OOH media planning accessible for complete beginners, and also enables OHH specialists to create a campaign from scratch in a fraction of the time.  When used alongside AdQuick’s OOH buying platform, buyers execute campaigns at least 10x faster with OOH Media Planner.  Go ahead and give it a whirl!

Easy enough for OOH beginners

Research studies have repeatedly shown that OOH significantly lowers the cost of multi-channel ad campaigns, because it delivers among the best ROI of all traditional mediums. However, marketers who are just beginning to dip their toes in OOH are often not sure where to start.  Even worse, some avoid introducing OOH as a new channel because they are afraid of the associated learning curve. This is a huge missed opportunity.

The OOH Media Planner makes it easy for anyone to add OOH into their media mix. The workflow is simple: you provide basic campaign parameters – like goal, flight dates, and geography – and OOH Media Planner provides the rest.  Here’s a quick walkthrough...

First, you input your primary campaign goal – from options including brand lift, web conversions, app conversions, and foot traffic (for advertisers promoting visitation to brick-and-mortar locations).  

Next, you select the target audience you hope to reach with your campaign. The Planner includes a wide variety of demographic, household, and financial audiences – including highly granular audience data, such as attributes describing home ownership, the presence of children in the home, or typical commutes – as well as descriptive audience personas.

Then you’re prompted to select your target geographies.  The Planner includes handy, market search functionality that displays each market’s average CPM, media price, and population.  

Finally, you’re given the option to input your desired budget, if known, or request recommended budget levels for each market based on your desired reach: "entry level", market “saturation" or market “domination".  This feature is especially useful for marketers that are new to OOH media.

The OOH Media Planner then immediately recommends your ideal media type allocation, finds the best matching units from over 1000 media owners, and creates an optimized, turnkey OOH campaign that you can activate with the push of a button.

The Planner also provides data-driven recommendations to optimize and improve the cost-effectiveness of your campaign.  For example, advertisers can save a ton of money by branching out to “lookalike markets” – i.e., markets in which the population looks statistically similar to your target markets – so the Planner provides a shortlist of more cost-effective markets for you to consider.   It’s like having the mind of an expert media planner built into software.

New OOH buyers can choose to directly access their campaign in the AdQuick Platform, or connect with one of AdQuick’s expert OOH buyers through our managed services offering (which is provided to customers 100% added value).

Enables OOH specialists to execute 10x faster

But the OOH Media Planner was not built solely for OOH newbies.  In fact, it began life as an internal tool for our team of expert media buyers.  

“Over the last 4 and a half years, we’ve built a slew of tools to help our internal teams plan faster and smarter.  The OOH Media Planner collects all of those advancements into a single, streamlined and intuitive package,” said Ted Day-Fratto, Sr. Product Manager at AdQuick. “After experiencing the utility of the Planner first hand, we quickly realized the time-savings that it afforded our teams and decided to open it up to the broader OOH community.”

OOH specialists can use the OOH Media Planner to kick-start their planning. Rather than building a campaign from scratch, specialists can use the tool to quickly spin-up a data-driven campaign in a fraction of the time. This campaign then serves as a base template, which more advanced users can adjust as desired – taking advantage of AdQuick’s full suite of data, filters, and proprietary tools.

The OOH Media Planner – coupled with the AdQuick Platform – allows advertisers to execute OOH buys a minimum of 10x faster, on average.  For example, an average campaign with 10 vendors and 150 units could take up to 10 days to plan, buy, and execute on your own, but it would only take a couple of hours with AdQuick.  This is due to unprecedented efficiencies in sourcing and RFPing vendors, reviewing and consolidating inventory, contracting, and execution.

Unlocking Growth For The Entire Industry, Together

At Adquick, we believe that an important message should never be blocked for the wrong reasons.  Know-how or experience shouldn’t limit a business’s reach. Our vision is to educate and empower individuals, brands, and businesses by equipping them with the right tools to be able to put their message into the world.

At a time when so many companies are under-resourced or strapped for cash, brands can turn to technology to gain efficiencies and weather the economic storm.  The OOH Media Planner provides much-needed support to those who are over-extended, under-resourced, intimidated by the learning curve of buying OOH media, or are beginners who simply don’t know where to start.  By giving more users opportunities to leverage the power of the OOH medium we unlock growth for the whole industry. When an AdQuick user wins – we all win.

The OOH Media Planner is available for anyone to use at  You can find a direct link under the “Resources” tab on (alongside a bunch of other helpful resources, like our Billboard Cost Calculator and Competitive Intelligence Tool):

Interested in digging deeper? Schedule a demo with one of our amazing OOH experts to learn more about what AdQuick can do for your brand.