At AdQuick, our mission is to empower everyone to put their message into the world. We do that by removing all barriers to out-of-home (OOH) ad buying, with a powerful platform that’s a delight to use.  

The physical world brings context and opportunity — saying the right message in the right place at the right time has incredible power.  That’s why AdQuick believes where you say it matters — and why we’ve made it easy to do just that.

Over the past year, the AdQuick Platform has grown to include three distinct products for OOH ad buyers each designed to address unique challenges facing segments of our broad customer base.  And now, we’ve updated the names of these products to better reflect this game-changing utility.  So, without further adieu, please allow us to (re)introduce our product suite:

AdQuick Pro

AdQuick Pro (formerly known as AdQuick Classic) is our flagship product.  Simply put, it’s a best-in-class solution to plan, buy, and measure all types of OOH media –– from static billboards to hand-painted murals. AdQuick Pro puts OOH media inventory from over 1,000 media owners at your fingertips.  Plus, it includes a slew of proprietary campaign planning tools (such as our predictive performance and zip code lookalike tools) and access to over 450 behavioral and demographic audience indexes –– to help you generate the most effective plans, period.  

AdQuick Pro customers have unlimited access to AdQuick’s managed services at no incremental charge. Our in-house team of OOH experts is ready to help with every step of your campaign –– from OOH strategy development to campaign measurement & optimization. For customers that prefer to take the reins, full access to the platform is always available to you. You choose how much (or how little!) you’d like to drive the ship.

AdQuick DSP

AdQuick DSP (formerly known as AdQuick Programmatic) is the industry’s most scalable and measurable solution for digital out-of-home.  It enables real-time, programmatic access to the largest collection of DOOH inventory available –– over 20 billion impressions across 300K screens from 150+ publishers –– thanks to our unique SSP-agnostic approach.

AdQuick DSP customers can tap into a new level of campaign control, including flexible day parting, granular audience targeting, and instantaneous creative swaps.  Segmented spend management makes it easier than ever to plan and execute efficient DOOH campaigns in minutes.  And it’s the only DOOH DSP that can deliver real-time analytics and in-flight performance optimization.

Just like with AdQuick Pro, AdQuick DSP customers have the option of choosing self-service or managed-service at no additional cost.

AdQuick SMB

AdQuick SMB (formerly known as AdQuick Self-Service), the newest entrant into our all-star lineup, makes it easier than ever for individuals and businesses of all sizes to launch data-led out-of-home media campaigns.  It features a streamlined, self-service workflow built upon AdQuick’s intuitive map-based interface –– with an e-commerce style checkout.

Whether you’re a small business owner targeting the area surrounding your brick-and-mortar location, or an agency targeting multiple cities on behalf of a client, AdQuick SMB makes buying OOH advertising easier and more accessible than ever before.

As always, all of AdQuick’s buying solutions are powered by our robust OOH data platform, best-in-class analytics suite, and partnerships with over 1,000 OOH media vendors.

Check out the table below for a quick comparison of each.  

Want to learn more, get a free demo tailored to your unique business goals, or take any of our platforms for a spin?   Contact us today and our team of OOH experts will be in touch within 24 hours.