If you’re a brand marketer or advertiser, you may be wondering how to reach consumers during COVID-19. It’s tough to figure what to say. What types of messages should you put out into the world? After all, times are tough. People are staying home and saving money.

Regardless, it’s now more than ever that consumers expect brands to step up and be visible. If you’re wondering how to reshape your advertising strategy for 2020, these resources can help.

Edelman Trust Barometer: Special Report on COVID-19

Source: Edelman

Companies across the board are struggling to communicate at this critical moment in history. To help, Edelman conducted a special report to better understand consumer sentiment in 10 global markets.

According to a survey of 10,000 respondents, 78% believe that businesses must act to protect employees and local communities, 79% expect employers to adapt operations, and 62% trust employers to take responsible action. This report provides context into what people are hoping to see from companies.

3 Ways that Brands Can Show Up in Unprecedented Times

Source: AdWeek

Social distancing has forced us inside. That’s tough on our emotional experiences as human beings. In this article, you’ll gain ideas for types of campaigns that offer value in difficult times.

One way that brands can step up and offer value is to share knowledge. For instance, a CPG brand could teach children how to wash their hands. A technology company might consider bringing heightened awareness to its core service. This article will help you find a campaign concept that people care about.

Millennials, Gen Z Want Distraction from Brands During Crisis

Source: AdWeek

People around the world are experiencing an emotional storm that brands are having trouble navigating.

To provide guidance, Dentsu Aegist created a set of phases based on the five stages of grief, to help brands figure out what to communicate when people are paying more attention than usual to what brands are doing. They want reassurance regarding their worries about their jobs, the future of events, isolation, and the need to care for others.

People are getting used to new routines and want brands to step up. This article sheds insight into how.

The Dos and Don’ts of Advertising During COVID-19

Source: Adobe

At this unique moment in history, people are feeling sensitive. There’s a lot of pressure to stay productive, even though the news is tough and everyday life has changed. Within this context, messaging can be a challenge.

So, Adobe created this guide to help make advertisers make better judgment calls. What should you say, and how should you say it? This guide sheds insight into the steps you need to take.

AdQuick’s Weekly Briefing on the OOH Market

Source: AdQuick

Out of home is the most efficient and impactful way to reach people at scale. But people are sheltered in place.

How do you balance the strengths of out-of-home, especially when people are indoors?

One important thing to remember is that people are still outside. They may be out as often, and they may be limited to their cars. Many are also likely to be essential workers.

If you’re wondering whether it makes sense to run an out of home campaign, this resource can help. AdQuick used a mobile location data set to measure foot and car traffic for all OOH units in different cities and DMAs. You can figure out markets to keep advertising.

Final Thoughts

What’s important to remember is that every community is different. Every region is going to follow a different path to opening back up. Advertisers need to be thoughtful about how to best communicate with audiences.

As a brand, you need to step up: Consumers are relying on you to offer help. When you step up, you’ll leave a lasting and timeless impression. But you need to make sure that you communicate with authenticity, in an uplifting way.

Even during this nationwide shelter in place, people are still out in their cars. Essential workers are still going to work.

The public could use some empowering and uplifting messages. Whatever you do, especially if you still have ad budget, make sure that you’re vocal and visible.

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