“We’ve tried other out-of-home providers, but AdQuick’s platform was much more intuitive and easy-to-use."

Lydia Kim Head of Brand Marketing at Crexi


Crexi is a disruptive commercial real estate platform that has seen dramatic growth in recent years. As they expanded their presence in new markets, Crexi sought to increase brand awareness in new markets among a particularly hard-to-reach audience: commercial real estate sellers, brokers, and buyers.

“Our audience includes a diverse mix of experienced industry professionals and newer entrants to the market, so we intentionally diversify our media mix to ensure that we can create multiple touchpoints spanning different channels,” explains Lydia Kim, Head of Brand Marketing at Crexi. “OOH serves two important functions in our mix. First, it’s tangible and physical, so we can be confident that it gets noticed. Second, it helps us establish brand credibility and convey trustworthiness. This is especially important since commercial real estate involves incredibly complex transitions requiring a high-degree of trust.”


Crexi employed point-of-interest targeting to reach their niche, professional target audience. Using AdQuick’s unique POI targeting feature, the Crexi team was able to pinpoint high-impact ad units positioned near specific commercial real estate brokerage firms and along key commuting routes.

“AdQuick’s map-based UI with seamlessly integrated ad unit photos, details, and historical pricing data makes it so easy to build a media plan for any market. I love having the ability to select different placements and compare how they impact my overall campaign reach and budget,” said Kim. “The ability to overlay POIs for place-based targeting was especially helpful for reaching our very niche target audience.”

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Qualitative analysis uncovered that Crexi’s OOH ad placements elevated brokers’ and investors’ perception of the brand and shortened the sales cycle for their sales team.

“There aren’t many advertising channels that provoke compliments from customers, but physical media is powerful.” said Kim. “We regularly receive positive feedback on our OOH campaigns from internal team members, customers, and investors.”

About Crexi

Crexi is a marketplace and technology platform that consolidates commercial real estate solutions into a unified ecosystem - designed to streamline the CRE process from listing to closing. They’ve developed a robust broker suite that leads CRE into the digital age, and their online auction service opens lots to a brave new world of virtual bidders –– removing the roadblock of physical distance and expensive travel from potential sales. Through their powerful Intelligence data subscription, Crexi empowers buyers with decades of research and CRE experience, through more than 48 million property records, over 13 million sales comparables, and more than 50 detailed market reports. For more information visit www.crexi.com.

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