AdQuick Ad Network is the first of its kind

Close to 100% of advertising that you see outdoors, including print and digital, across an unmatched network of 1400+ media owners is covered through AdQuick Ad Network.

Billboards, bus shelters, benches, car wraps, airport boards, aerial flyovers, gas station pumps, shopping carts, retail venues, murals, subway stations, taxis, and hundreds of other types – all available via automated guaranteed.

AdQuick Ad Network

OOH through AdQuick Ad Network is larger and faster to book than anywhere else

99 percent
Nearly 100% of OOH coverage in the US
100 percent
100% addressable
100 percent
100% Automated Execution in planning, booking, and fulfillment — offer planning and buying of guaranteed OOH that completes in days or less, not weeks or months
2 percent
Before AdQuick Ad Network, 2% of OOH supply could be filled via automation through RTB OOH Ad Networks

AdQuick Ad Network makes OOH monetization turnkey

  • Media

    Now your OOH advertisers can buy their OOH perms and scatters alongside all other channels.

  • Measurement

    All the same measurement solutions you offer today can be seamlessly applied to OOH for providing omnichannel reporting.

  • Data

    Since OOH through AdQuick is fully addressable, advertisers will be thrilled to know that they can now reach significantly more of their strategic audience through OOH.

Exceptional audience reach and brand safety
Aged 16-64 reached weekly1
$5 CPM
Or less on average2
OOH and digital together drive more growth
Audience Reach1
Brand/ad recall2
Net average ROI per $1 spent3
Chances are a significant number of your clients are already spending on OOH!
Forecasted 2023 ad spend in US1
Forecasted 2023 ad spend globally2
OOH Ad Spend Growth in 20223
OOH drives significant responsiveness across consumers aged 16+ each month:
Take notice of OOH1
Search online Post-View2
Immediately visit a store1

OOH is already primed for your DSP - now let’s partner on raising the bar

With AdQuick Ad Network, your DSP can be a performance oasis for advertisers who have longed to measurably drive their KPIs in OOH

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