AdQuick and Attributy Partner to Give Advertisers a Holistic View of OOH and Omnichannel Attribution

AdQuick and Attributy Partner to Give Advertisers a Holistic View of OOH and Omnichannel Attribution

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Attributy, a leading provider of advanced advertising analytics and AI attribution technology, today announced an exclusive partnership with AdQuick, the leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform that makes it easy to plan, buy, and measure every kind of outdoor advertising. The partnership uniquely allows advertisers to measure how OOH and other channels impact each other for return on ad spend and conversions.

This deep integration provides opportunities for customers to extend the value of their work with each company. AdQuick is the first OOH provider with which Attributy is partnered. AdQuick is now Attributy’s main partner for powering Attributy’s multi-touch attribution and media-mix modeling with rich, comprehensive campaign data for any and all OOH campaigns in the US and Canada. AdQuick is the only platform that offers access to nearly 100% of OOH supply across both reservation and auction-buying methods.

“Omnichannel advertisers haven’t been able to measure their out-of-home campaigns alongside other channels largely due to a lack of OOH campaign data availability,” said Andreas Eisermann, Founder and President, Attributy. “Through this partnership, Attributy’s customers have preferred access to AdQuick’s industry-leading OOH platform to plan and activate OOH advertising in a rapidly growing marketplace seamlessly and efficiently. Advertisers can now leverage our shared next-gen insights for unparalleled clarity on how out-of-home performance impacts, and is impacted by, holistic marketing performance.”

“In a time where every marketing dollar must work harder and smarter, we are proud to join with Attributy, a leading AI-driven analytics and attribution platform, to offer one unified view for marketers, with actionable insights to maximize return on ad spend,” said Matt O’Connor, CEO, AdQuick. “This partnership is core to our mission of helping customers extend the value of their advertising across channels to OOH formats and beyond. Marketers will now have a more complete and holistic window on the value they can create from online and offline advertising.”

Through AdQuick’s dedication to ensuring 100% of OOH is represented within the advertising industry at large, Attributy and AdQuick are proud to partner with supply-side organizations like IBOUSA who are committed to instilling measurement and media standards within their IBO Speedway that beckon advertisers who demand tangible business results.

“With Attributy’s analytics fueled by AdQuick’s OOH data, brands and agencies have a new, massive opportunity to grow faster and more profitably by seeing just how well IBOUSA’s unparalleled network of 300 publishers with over 110,000 displays performs relative to investing in other channels like Meta, Google and TV,” said Jason Kunkel-de Cesero, Vice President, Demand & Analytics Partnerships, AdQuick.

“For over a decade we have been focused on methods and practices that enable us to align the inventory of independent media owners and enable various tools to allow buyers to compare and analyze our unique locations,” said Chris Cowlbeck, IBOUSA CVO. “With IBOUSA participating as members and my role serving as OOH Chairman of the Media Rating Council, our interest and commitment to the upcoming release of their published OOH Standards illustrates our deep interest in facilitating not only the ease of buying but also the trust in campaign metrics. The Attributy and AdQuick partnership will enable us to create value for all participants that extends into performance areas we’ve only been able to dream of.”

According to research, 68% of adults notice OOH ads around visits to retailers; while 76% of adults took action on their mobile phone after recently seeing a mobile ad, and 43% made a purchase. Thanks to partnerships like this, marketers will likely boost their investments in out-of-home as a powerful part of an omnichannel advertising strategy. A recent poll by ATG and Attributy asked industry executives about their top concerns regarding attribution and optimizing marketing ROI. Nearly a third of respondents said their top concern is challenges in attributing marketing channel impact in the customer journey. Approximately one-quarter said their primary concern is about obtaining a simplified view of spend, performance and conversion.

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