AdQuick is an adtech company: for both agencies and brands

AdQuick is an adtech company: for both agencies and brands

We get all types of questions about AdQuick. One of the interesting ones is not what we do, which is help companies plan, execute and measure out of home (OOH) advertising holistically, from start to finish. That part is always clear. But occasionally we get questions from people in the industry about what we are. This is inevitable when you’re creating a platform with multiple varying user types (and modernizing the process to be much faster and efficient). And let’s face it, people are busy and skimming web copy is the norm. So we thought we’d clarify in a quick post.

Our mission is and has always been “Make OOH easy.” We’ve built a platform that does just that for companies of all shapes and sizes – non-profits, Fortune 500 public companies, ad agencies of every size to single person startups. As we’ve grown, we’ve continued to listen to our various user types like advertisers, media owners, analytics teams to make the platform more robust. So, companies throughout the ecosystem rely on various components of AdQuick to help them.

For agencies and advertisers, we have a DSP for both traditional OOH and programmatic OOH with an analytics platform showing full funnel ROI. For media owners, we have proposal, charting and inventory management, and ecommerce software flows.

Is AdQuick an advertising agency or a tech platform?

Many agencies have their own technology to help clients, that’s true. So a common but false assumption is, we’re an out of home agency with technology to run OOH ads. This could not be further from the truth: we are not an ad shop or agency. In fact, we are a partner with many agencies and provide tools to enable and empower them. Ad shops only have light technology as a skunkworks area or simple tools to help processes very specific to their work that are not scalable for an entire industry. Our company is solely focused on building tech to be the best platform for OOH made for the largest, most demanding enterprises – something that would be difficult, if not impossible for an agency to build. It’s just not in their DNA. It’s the same reason an IT team’s internal tools will never be as good as something like CloudFlare (and IT unlike ad shops actually focus on code as their remit).

We are an adtech company and OOH advertising platform

We build adtech products that brands and agencies use as the engine of their OOH ads. From our AI planner to our analytics and measurement stack, we’re here to build for advertisers and are engineering-led. We create products to scale and focus relentlessly on really hard problems to make our users’ lives easier and do things they couldn’t without technology.

It’s likely easier to show in a quick video: our ad we made last year tells the story if you haven’t seen it yet.

A vast network of media partners

We recently partnered with Crackle to provide our users with access to 40 million Redbox Perks members as just one example. We have many platform partners and over 1,600 media owners who plug into our tech stack and tools for them to sell OOH the right way. All our partnerships whether with other adtech providers that are already part of your tech stack or media owners are in service of our advertisers: increasing the reach of their ads, the precision targeting across channels, measurement quality and more.

What we mean by “white glove service”

We are product-led. This involves helping users onboard and use the product. In many cases we’re automating or making things easier that people were doing manually. In others we’re adding areas not possible before and agencies have never done, like OOH analytics. This is all in service of great agencies (and brands, of course).

Agencies exist to create strategies, work on creative, and leverage tools like AdQuick to get their client work done more efficiently. No one brand-side wants a partner that does otherwise. Any agency that wishes to hold onto manual/repetitive tasks or report measurement via guesswork is likely on the clock. These are simply not areas any agency should aspire to, as that’s a terrible business to be in. We don’t really see those shops continuing - in an AI-powered world, how could they?

Where to next

Software lets everyone, including agencies work better, more efficiently and ultimately level up their own billing, in fact we've seen agency partners grow the amount of OOH booked by 4-6X in one year without adding headcount.

We are a complementary partner to the agencies that a brand works with already; enabling faster execution, measurement, targeting, and scalability for the channel as well as giving the brand transparency into media costs and options. We can be a replacement for others by removing many of the barriers to entry for the channel.

New to OOH and need guidance on strategy? Our product entails building out custom OOH strategy for your brands specific needs leveraging audience targeting, 1st party data, competitive analysis.

Have run a few OOH campaigns in the past and looking to scale the channel? We have direct access to over 1600 media owners across 90+ countries for all OOH formats

Have been running OOH but looking for a partner to help with measuring the direct impact of your media and determining opportunities for channel optimization? Leverage our analytics suite for tracking impacts throughout the marketing funnel from high level brand awareness, web visits, and incremental sales.

OOH veteran looking to streamline your processes and spend more time on campaign strategy and less on administrative back and forth? Take advantage of our self-service flow to manage communication with your existing partners, tap into Live Availability, and instantly export campaign proposals.

OOH media owner looking to sell inventory? Whether you own a handful of OOH locations, or you own thousands, AdQuick’s marketplace is an easy way to engage and win business.

If you have more questions, visit our site and explore to learn more about the capabilities of AdQuick. We’re here when you’re ready to make OOH a first class citizen in your adtech stack and are happy to speak with your team and learn more - both agency and brand, we're here to help all.