AdQuick New Partner RoundUp: May 2022

With over 1200 media partners, AdQuick already provides unmatched access to every kind of OOH advertising in the US and abroad. But that doesn’t stop us from continually expanding to provide even greater reach and out-of-the-box ad opportunities. Read on to meet some of our newest partners...

AdQuick New Partner RoundUp: May 2022

With over 1200 media owner partners, AdQuick already provides unmatched access to every kind of out-of-home advertising in the US and abroad.  But that doesn’t stop our team from continually expanding our partnerships to provide our customers with even greater reach and new, innovative, and out-of-the-box ad opportunities.

Just this past quarter, we’ve added a slew of new partners throughout Europe – as well as innovative, US-based media owners providing ad solutions in rental and rideshare vehicles, in grocery and convenience stores, on fitness devices, on smart food ordering kiosks, in golf carts, and more!

Read on to learn more about some of our newest media owner partners...

Uber OOH: Uber’s latest out-of-home opportunity, cartop advertising, reaches audiences in a new way at the street level, so advertisers can connect with consumers on the move.

blowUP media: Based out of London, blowUP media offers premium, giant poster OOH advertising in some of the most exciting and vibrant European cities and towns.  With 300 screens and 8 offices across Germany, the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium, blowUP media is the largest network for premium large-format advertising media in Europe.

T-Mobile Marketing Solutions: Octopus Interactive – part of T-Mobile Marketing Solutions – is the largest rideshare advertising network in the US. Octopus Interactive equips Uber, Lyft, and all rideshare drivers with high-definition screens to engage riders with live games, ride information, and interactive ads.

Adway International: Adway International offers mobility-based advertising using projection to turn any car body into a media display.  Adway’s small and smart projectors are affixed to the side mirrors of rideshare and delivery cars, enabling Adway to dynamically serve static and video ads to targeted areas in real time.

Edison Interactive: Edison Interactive offers ads on touchscreen displays located ​​in rental cars, on fitness devices, smart food ordering kiosks, golf carts, and other unique OOH placements throughout the US.

Good Billboards: Good Billboards is a family-owned billboard company offering static billboards in Mississippi and Alabama.

Crosswalk Media: Crosswalk Media is a mobile billboard network providing access to measurable truck advertising.

Cooler Screens: Cooler Screens is a retail point-of-sale media platform that’s transforming the cooler doors in the freezer and refrigerator aisles of local grocery, drug, and convenience stores into IoT enabled smart screens that deliver in-store retail media.

London Lites: London Lites offers high quality, cost effective, digital out-of-home screens in must-have Central London locations.

If you’d like to explore OOH advertising opportunities with these or any other of our 1200+ media owner partners, connect with our team today! Our strategists can help you craft the perfect OOH media plan to achieve your unique campaign KPIs.