New Partnership with Keen Decision Systems Unlocks Real Time OOH Measurement & Optimization

New Partnership with Keen Decision Systems Unlocks Real Time OOH Measurement & Optimization

AdQuick and Keen Decision Systems Partner to Plan, Optimize, Forecast, and Measure OOH Investments

Keen Decision Systems, a leading SaaS provider of real-time marketing mix optimization powered by AI, announces an exclusive partnership with AdQuick, the premier platform for Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising that simplifies the planning, buying, and measurement of all types of outdoor advertising. This strategic alliance enables advertisers to effectively bridge the gap between Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Revenue by assessing both the immediate and long-term impacts of OOH advertising on revenue and profit ROI.

Through this partnership, AdQuick will power OOH measurement within the Keen Platform, providing Keen users with immediate access to OOH spend and impression delivery data. This integration will enable robust MMM measurement, omni-channel optimization, and forward-looking scenario planning.

"OOH advertising offers an unparalleled combination of dwell time, location-based targeting, and impactful formats. But, it has been undervalued, often relegated to 'awareness' rather than recognized for its full-funnel potential," states Jesse Math, VP, Strategic Partnerships at Keen Decision Systems. "Our partnership addresses this gap head-on, positioning OOH as a key channel in marketing strategies by quantifying its true influence on revenue, profit, and ROI. With Keen, advertisers are now equipped to forecast and maximize OOH's value through detailed scenario planning."

“The rapid advancements in technology are now lining up with and extending our efforts for over a decade where we focused on methods and practices that enable us to bring together the 110,000 static and digital displays of our 300 media companies across the country,” said Chris Cowlbeck, IBO USA CVO. “I’ve been told repeatedly for several years that the process needed to be easier and that we needed to help the buy side prove the value of OOH, and now the aligning of the stars with like-minded players will enable us to reach our goals and enable brands to achieve theirs. By focusing on robust data and metrics processes, the gaps can now begin to close to bring the results we all desire and have spent years pursuing.  IBO USA members will grow our interest and commitment of easing buying and improving focus to strengthen attention of the industry and the trust in campaign metrics. The Keen + AdQuick partnership adds dimensions to locations that we haven’t been able to have previously and really will enhance the understanding of our static and digital inventory.”

A New Era of OOH Advertising Confidence

The partnership between Keen and AdQuick offers novel capabilities to advertisers for assessing & optimizing OOH advertising. Keen's patent-pending Marketing Elasticity Engine, equipped with channel-specific ROI "priors" tailored to each advertiser's category and P&L size, provides predictive analytics that enable advertisers, including those new to OOH, to accurately predict its impact on business outcomes, taking into account the halo interactions with existing digital channels.

An Interoperable Measurement Ecosystem

Keen Decision Systems fills the “so what?” gap left by most marketing measurement, embodying a financial-based decisioning platform that respects the 'source of truth' within marketing organizations. Advertisers are invited to integrate results from diverse methodologies, including match market tests and incrementality, into the Keen Platform to evaluate alongside Keen’s measurement perspective. This interoperability ensures a comprehensive and triangulated understanding of marketing impacts, empowering advertisers to plan with confidence and precision.

Join the Revolution in OOH Advertising

The partnership between AdQuick and Keen Decision Systems represents significant differentiation of the level of actionability provided by measurement, offering advertisers a robust, predictive, and real-time optimization tool for OOH and omnichannel advertising.

Reach out to Keen Decision Systems today to qualify for a free demo and 10% discounted license to measure, plan, and forecast your media plan. Available for a limited time only.