AdQuick’s New Partnership with Veritone One

AdQuick’s New Partnership with Veritone One

Enhancing your advertising mix with podcasts, streaming audio, satellite, radio and YouTube influencer sponsorships

In our relentless pursuit of providing modern, effective solutions to elevate your advertising, we are thrilled to announce a significant milestone at AdQuick. We've established a strategic partnership with Veritone One, the largest performance-based audio & influencer agency in the US.

Veritone One works with 40,000+ Podcasters – perfect for telling your authentic story as a “Trusted Voice” to their loyal listeners – as well as 40,000+ YouTube influencers who provide full integrations.

Our partnership with Veritone One represents our unwavering commitment to empower brands and agencies with the best tools and resources in the ever-evolving advertising landscape. Today, we want to explore why combining Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising with Veritone One’s unique audio and influencer sponsorship capabilities can amplify your campaign's success and what this means for you.

Optimal Services and Pricing: Through this collaboration, AdQuick clients now have access to the most competitive services and pricing for audio advertising and influencer sponsorships. We understand that budget considerations are paramount, and our goal is to ensure you receive the greatest value for your investments.

Holistic Performance: Achieving holistic performance is crucial in today's multi-channel marketing environment. By capitalizing on integrated campaign plans and measurement that span OOH, Podcasts, Streaming, Satellite, Radio and YouTube Influencer Sponsorships, you can ensure consistent messaging across various touchpoints, enhancing brand recall and engagement.

Discounts and Ad Credits: AdQuick clients may also become eligible for discounts and ad credits on their OOH purchases when leveraging our Veritone One partnership. These additional benefits can significantly boost your campaign's effectiveness and return on investment.

The Power of Audio in Your Advertising Mix

Despite the rise of digital platforms, audio-based advertising formats retain their significance in the advertising world. Audio's enduring strength lies in its ability to forge personal and emotional connections with audiences. It offers a unique opportunity to engage with listeners during their daily routines, be it their commute, workday, or relaxation time.

Audio's immediacy, local targeting capabilities, and capacity to foster trust and loyalty make it a valuable complement to your OOH efforts. By incorporating radio and streaming audio into your campaigns, you can craft a well-rounded advertising strategy that resonates with your audience at different moments throughout the day.