Announcing A Slew of New Features for Agencies

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work beefing-up the agency workflow experience in AdQuick Pro – and enabling a new level of customization for our agency customers. Here’s a quick review of some of our latest agency-specific enhancements…

Announcing A Slew of New Features for Agencies

At AdQuick, our mission is to empower everyone to put their message into the world by making OOH media simple and supremely effective for all advertisers – from SMBs to enterprises to global agencies.

And we’re especially proud of the fact that our best-in-class OOH buying platform is used by the world’s most innovative and savvy out-of-home advertising agencies – as well as hundreds of brand marketers and in-house agencies.

But great agencies have unique workflow requirements.  They have large teams and well-established processes that enable them to function like a well-oiled machine to service hundreds or thousands of clients.  They have stringent data security requirements.  They have unique contracting, billing, and reconciliation needs. In short, they require customized tools.

That’s why, over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work beefing-up the agency workflow experience in AdQuick Pro – and enabling a new level of customization for our agency customers. Here’s a quick review of some of our latest agency-specific enhancements…

Enhanced User Management

Agencies have diverse organizational structures.  Some groups are organized functionally, while others may be matrixed.  Often, teams are built around a specific client, or employees may be assigned to just a handful of clients. With so much variability in user responsibilities and team structure, it’s important that agency admins have granular control over their organizational account settings.  

We’ve developed multiple enhancements to account user and account team management features in AdQuick Pro to give agency admins the level of control they need. Now, admins can easily manage users – and their access to data, features, and settings within the platform – for teams of any size.

As always, ease-of-use is important to us, so user management features are enabled for easy out-of-the-box setup with a variety of new user roles with predefined permissions.  For example, we now offer a role specifically for production teams, who are responsible for the execution of booked campaigns.

We’ve also built in even more control for those that want it, with customizable permissions for user roles.  Now agency admins can create custom roles as needed and precisely configure each user’s access.

Team Management Features

We’ve now introduced robust team management, allowing admins to bind users together so they can view and manage the same campaigns.  

“We heard from our larger agency clients that they needed a high degree of collaboration within client account teams, but they also need to maintain separation across account teams (especially for different clients within the same or similar verticals)”, explains Director of Product, Ted Day-Fratto.  “To solve this, we introduced the concept of a ‘team’ which allows agency admins to group specific users so that they can manage a shared collection of campaigns.”

Bulk Campaign Creation and Editing

Agencies often manage a large volume of complex campaigns spanning multiple clients with varying needs, and they need the ability to implement large-scale updates to their campaigns quickly.  That’s why we’ve now introduced the ability to import spreadsheets for bulk campaign creation and optimization –– allowing users to create, manage, and optimize their campaigns in bulk and at scale, saving time and manual effort.  

This new feature lets time-strapped agency planners and buyers make edits across multiple campaigns within a single spreadsheet, as opposed to making changes one-by-one within the platform. For example, this new feature allows agency planners to save time by:

  • Quickly and easily importing entire campaigns
  • Quickly making edits to large campaigns
  • Duplicating a large number of campaigns
  • Creating campaigns “shells” to finalize later
  • Working on their campaign plans anytime, anywhere—no internet access required

Campaign Actions Management

Mistakes happen. Plans change. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an “undo” button in the AdQuick platform?  We thought so too.  So we’ve introduced a new Activity dashboard showing all of the actions that have been taken on a campaign – and allowing users to “revert” specific actions, if needed.  

RFP Management Features

AdQuick Pro has always included a robust RFP tool that simplifies the process of creating and distributing RFPs and streamlines proposal collection, evaluation, and selection.  

Now, we’ve made it even easier for advertisers and agencies to customize RFPs to include additional fields, language tailored to your client’s needs, and your (or your client’s) logo.

Branding & Whitelabeling

The best agencies understand how important it is to maintain consistent branding in your communications with third parties. Now agencies can brand all emails sent via the AdQuick Pro platform to external vendors and partners with their own logo. This includes emails that are automatically triggered by specific account actions.

Contracting & Billing Features

There are a wide variety of different agency compensation models, so AdQuick Pro now offers multiple ways to calculate agency margins. We also now offer the ability to create custom billing exports, so your accounting team has exactly the information they need to reconcile quickly and accurately.  

Finally, contracting and billing workflows vary, so we’ve added the ability to customize your in-platform process to match your existing workflow.  For example, you can opt to complete the contracting steps during checkout, or you can handle contracts prior to checkout.

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