Announcing Easy-to-Use Self-Service Packages

Today we’re happy to introduce Self Service Packages – an “off-the-shelf” solution packed with proven, high-value ad packages available across the top ad markets, on-demand. Self Service Packages are the easiest way for busy advertisers to dip their toes in the OOH waters as quickly as possible.

Announcing Easy-to-Use Self-Service Packages

At AdQuick, we strive to make our customers insanely happy.  (Seriously… It’s one of our company values.) Our team of OOH experts often works closely with customers to help them map their marketing objectives to out-of-home (OOH) advertising strategies and craft custom OOH plans for their broader campaign KPIs.

But sometimes advertisers don’t need a custom plan for every campaign.  Some just want to dip their toes in the OOH waters as quickly as possible.  And, because the out-of-home advertising landscape is complex and fragmented with little pricing transparency, launching a quick test campaign can actually be a pretty complicated and confusing process. For those situations, an “off-the-shelf” solution packed with proven, high-value ad packages is the best way to make OOH easy (another one of our values!).

That’s why we’re happy to introduce Self Service Packages – a collection of some of our most popular packages in the top 9 geographic markets that you can launch in just a few clicks.

How It Works

We designed Self-Service Packages to be a clean, simple, and supremely easy purchase experience.  

“It can be easy to get overwhelmed with too many options,” explains Ted Day-Fratto, head of product at AdQuick, “and our core product, AdQuick Pro, is a powerful platform with a lot of fancy bells and whistles. So we designed Self-Service Packages with ease-of-use as our primary consideration. We streamlined the experience to surface only a handful of pre-approved, proven options in each of the top markets.  If an advertiser is looking for a quick and easy buy that will deliver great performance with minimal effort, they should definitely check out Self-Service Packages.”

Let’s take a moment to walk through the workflow…

Step 1) Provide your timing.  Input your desired campaign flight dates – including campaign start date and campaign duration (i.e., 4, 8, or 12 weeks).

Step 2) Explore your options. If you have a target geography in mind, scroll down until you find your desired market.  Currently Self-Service Packages includes options in nine markets: Las Vegas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, and New York.

You can then browse the available packages within your target market.  Simple cards highlight key information about each available package, including unit photos, unit type (digital vs. static), price, impressions, CPM (cost-per-thousand-impressions), and a detailed description of the units included.

A Quick Note About Static vs. Digital Units:

Are you unsure whether to select static or digital units for your campaign? Here’s how to choose:

1st - Consider your timeline. AdQuick can launch digital ads within 48 hours, while static units usually require a few weeks of lead time.  Want to launch quickly?  Go digital.

2nd - Consider your impact requirements. Static ad units always offer 100% share-of-voice (SOV), meaning you won’t have to share the ad space with any other advertisers. Digital ad units, in contrast, often rotate multiple ads within the space.  So if you have the lead time and want maximum reach and impact, go static.  

Step 3) Select and submit. Select the “+” in the upper left corner of the package cards to select each package you’d like to book. Once you’ve selected all of your desired packages, select “continue”. Then, review your package selection and hit submit.

Once you’ve submitted your desired packages, one of our OOH experts will reach out to follow up on your campaign, take payment, and facilitate your launch.

Package Highlights

Though ease was our #1 priority, we also made sure that Self-Service Packages offers a variety of ad format options that highlight the diversity and flexibility of out-of-home advertising.  Available ad formats include billboards, high-impact digital units, and moving media for maximum market coverage.

Here is a quick sample of just a few of the available packages:

  • 11 digital billboards in Las Vegas offering market-wide coverage on major highways
  • Wrapped bus packages in Philadelphia
  • A package of 50 bus kings in San Francisco
  • Giant digital LED trucks touring the Las Vegas Strip
  • A fleet of wrapped brand trucks in New York City

Get Started

Self-Service Packages is available today within the AdQuick Toolkit – a collection of out-of-home advertising resources and tools that are entirely free to use.  Click here to learn more about the Toolkit, and create an account to gain instant access.