Announcing our New Interactive Out-of-Home Advertising Toolkit

Announcing the new Marketer’s Toolkit: a collection of free, OOH planning tools to help marketers tackle the once-esoteric world of OOH with confidence. Access rich planning tools to help choose the right markets, determine appropriate budget levels, ideate effective creative executions, and more.

Announcing our New Interactive Out-of-Home Advertising Toolkit

At AdQuick, our mission is to empower everyone to put their message into the world.  We do that by removing the many barriers that exist within out-of-home (OOH) advertising – from slow and manual workflows, to fragmentation, to a lack of transparency.

That’s why we’ve released a unique collection of free, OOH media planning tools to help marketers tackle the once-esoteric world of OOH with confidence.  We’ve named it the Marketer’s Toolkit.  

Read on to learn more about the Toolkit and how it can help you plan smarter, faster, and more effective out-of-home advertising campaigns.  Or begin exploring right away: create a free account to gain instant access to the full Marketer’s Toolkit.

Out-of-home advertising is notoriously difficult for newbies to navigate.

Planning and buying outdoor advertising has been a painstaking, low-data, low visibility experience for far too long. Here are just a few of the challenges that we hear from marketers struggling to wrap their heads around OOH:

  • The OOH ad industry lacks transparency. Advertisers have to contact representatives at individual media owners in order to get information on unit availability or pricing.  This can be especially time-consuming, because…  
  • The OOH media landscape is fragmented – with well over 1000 vendors throughout the US alone – so advertisers cannot rely on a single vendor to provide full information on available units and rates. This means they have to reach out to many different media owners to get an accurate representation of the opportunity within a market.
  • OOH planning and buying is often handled by subject matter experts, so many marketers don’t know where to start when planning an OOH campaign on their own.

The Marketer’s Toolkit makes it easier than ever to kick-start your OOH planning.

With AdQuick’s new Marketer’s Toolkit, marketers have a wealth of out-of-home advertising knowledge at their fingertips. Not only does the Marketer’s Toolkit offer market-specific OOH cost and ad unit availability data, which is often hard to find elsewhere, it also features rich planning tools to help organizations choose the right markets, determine appropriate budget levels, ideate effective creative executions, and more.

“Historically, OOH market information has been disparate, fragmented, and managed almost entirely offline, so marketers cannot quickly understand the OOH ad opportunities available within their target markets”, explains Matthew O’Connor, chief executive officer of AdQuick. “By providing marketers with the data they need within a convenient, interactive toolkit,  AdQuick hopes to make OOH more accessible and ultimately entice more advertisers to consider this valuable medium. AdQuick’s Marketer’s Toolkit is a step toward having the entire OOH ecosystem available right on your browser.”

Currently in beta, the Toolkit includes three distinct tools at launch:

The Market Explorer Tool

The Market Explorer tool makes it easy to research the OOH landscape within your target markets. Simply search for a specific geography using the search bar at the top left, or zoom into a desired area on the interactive map.  Market-specific cost data – including median CPM and average total price – will automatically populate within the data module on the right.  

You can also view photos of the individual ad units by hovering over the purple ad unit markers.

Convenient filters make the process of finding the ideal ad unit smoother and faster than ever. If you know you’d like to search for a specific ad format – including billboards, wallscapes, windowscapes, and more – use the “Media Type” filter at the top of the screen.  You can also use the “Screen Type” filter to narrow your exploration to only static or digital ad units.  

The Look-alike Markets Tool

The Look-alike Markets tool helps you uncover new geographic markets in order to scale media buys without sacrificing effectiveness, save money, and boost performance.  Marketers can seek out new areas that are similar to their best-performing zip codes to scale with confidence, or find similar small to mid-sized “deal markets” to lower their overall effective CPMs.

For example, let’s say you're a national CPG advertiser, and your product flies off the shelves in these five zip codes: 30188, 46112, 54476, 29072, 60060.   You can simply drop those into the zip code search bar:

…and instantly see a list of similar DMAs that you should consider targeting. Alongside each market, you’ll also see the median CPM and price, so you can prioritize lower-cost markets for initial OOH testing, if desired.

Want to learn more before moving to a test?  The tool also makes it super-simple to perform market research. Navigate to the “Top Look-alike Zips” tab to explore population counts, income, and other census data with just one click.

OOH Resource Library

Catering to marketers that are new to out-of-home advertising, the Resource Library aggregates educational ebooks, guides, and articles providing actionable guidance, straightforward insights, and AdQuick’s top tips for planning, executing, and measuring effective OOH campaigns.  

Toolkit users can instantly download in-depth OOH beginner’s guides or verticalized ebooks tailored to a variety of industries, from financial services to restaurants to cannabis. Or browse articles covering a wide range of OOH topics, including pricing, creative development, top measurement methodologies, amplifying social, OOH media planning checklists, programmatic digital OOH, and more.

And that’s not all folks…

In addition to those outlined above, we’re currently developing a slew of new tools that will be released in the near future. These include:

  • OOH Budget Estimator -  The Budget Estimator tool helps marketers understand their ideal OOH investment level, based on their goals, industry, and the activity of key competitors. Users can input their target geography, campaign duration, and industry vertical and receive budget recommendations at varying levels of market penetration.
  • OOH Creative Library - The Creative Library will help marketers ideate and develop their own OOH ad messaging and designs, by providing a filterable repository of exceptional OOH ad creative spanning every format and key vertical.
  • Campaign Timing Tool - The Campaign Timing Tool will provide users with a concise summary of the steps for launching a specific OOH campaign, including a detailed timeline outlining key development milestones. Alternative options that can be executed within a shorter timeline will also be presented, to help marketers plan for a variety of possible scenarios.
  • Billboard Mockup Tool - The Billboard Mockup Tool will help marketers visualize and optimize their OOH creative before they move to production.  Users will be able to upload an image or design mock and immediately see what it would look like on a billboard (or in another OOH ad format).

To begin exploring the entire OOH ecosystem from the convenience of your browser, create a free account and gain instant access to the full Marketer’s Toolkit. Or, to learn more about unleashing the power of OOH advertising, schedule a strategy session with one of our OOH experts today.