Democratizing Out-of-Home Advertising: AdQuick's AI Campaign Planner

Democratizing Out-of-Home Advertising: AdQuick's AI Campaign Planner

In the evolving landscape of advertising, where data-driven decisions reign supreme, the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry has remained somewhat archaic. OOH planners have long relied on their intuition, market knowledge, industry insights, and domain expertise to make crucial campaign decisions. While these qualities undoubtedly play a vital role, the absence of modern tools leads to less-than-optimal campaign strategies. Additionally, the prevalence of preferred vendor relationships driven by rates and kickbacks has further complicated matters. Advertisers, now more than ever, need a modern solution that leverages data to select the best OOH units to achieve their ROI expectations. Enter AdQuick's AI OOH campaign planning tool.


  • If we’re being objective, an “industry expert” simply cannot process this amount of data, leaving clients with an extremely suboptimal campaign.
  • Often in OOH, a brand outsources their strategy to a media buyer who has no concept of pricing, availability, audiences at scale. Our AI planner takes into account trillions of combinations of OOH units and optimizes them based on the advertiser inputs.
  • We’ve seen time and time again that agencies steer their clients to poorly devised campaigns out of either a) ignorance b) laziness c) lack of data or d) all of the above. These result in advertisers thinking the OOH channel doesn’t work, when in reality their ill advised strategy was the culprit.
  • If you ask three “experts” for an OOH strategy, you’ll get three wildly different answers. That’s because individuals simply can’t access or process the amount of data required to create an optimized OOH strategy. A more cynical perspective is that these “experts” are winging it. Can you blame them? They’re doing their best, but unfortunately their best is unacceptable in modern marketing.

The Solution: AdQuick's AI OOH Campaign Planner

AdQuick recognized these challenges and decided to address them head-on by introducing an AI-powered OOH campaign planning tool. The planner has over 10k audiences segments and over 200+ markets, which equates to millions of campaign input permutations that the AI could suggest. On top of that, the final campaign is generated by pulling from millions of inventory data points and attributes (e.g. pricing, markets, audience indexing, media types, screen types, impressions and more). This industry-first solution is designed to revolutionize the OOH advertising landscape, making data-driven decisions more accessible and efficient.

AdQuick's AI OOH campaign planner is a game-changer for advertisers and OOH planners alike. It seamlessly integrates data-driven insights with user input to create well-rounded and highly effective campaign strategies. Here's how it works:

  • Campaign Goals and Website URL: Users start by inputting their campaign objectives and providing their website URL.
  • AI-Powered Analysis: The AI engine swings into action, analyzing the website and leveraging AdQuick's proprietary data to suggest essential campaign planning inputs. These include market selection, target audiences, campaign timelines, and budget recommendations.
  • User Control: Advertisers retain control over their campaigns. The tool allows users to review and modify the AI-generated planner inputs according to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Map-Based Campaign: With the AI-selected inventory and user-defined parameters in place, the tool generates a map-based campaign strategy. This strategy maximizes the impact of the chosen OOH units and ensures they align with the campaign goals and budget.

The Benefits of AdQuick's AI OOH Campaign Planner

AdQuick's AI OOH campaign planner promises a transformative shift towards data-driven decision making, bidding farewell to the era of guesswork. This tool empowers advertisers to make well-informed choices, underpinned by robust data analysis. Now every campaign dollar is strategically allocated, ensuring maximal impact.

The efficiency and optimization capabilities of this tool streamline the planning process, saving precious time and resources, all while enhancing campaign performance. Advertisers will also appreciate the perfect blend of AI-driven recommendations and user customization, enabling campaigns that are finely tuned to meet specific needs. As a result, the promise of improved return on investment (ROI) becomes a reality, with each advertising dollar generating maximum value.

"AdQuick's new AI planning tool makes setting up an OOH campaign incredibly quick and easy with straightforward choices around goals, budgets, timelines, verticals, audiences, optimization and media types." -Elliott Hasiuk, Principal, Media and Measurement at Part and Sum

Say goodbye to intuition-driven decisions and hello to a new era of data-driven success in out-of-home advertising. Happy planning!

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