AdQuick launches industry first out of home budget tool

AdQuick launches industry first out of home budget tool

Out of home advertising (OOH) is an increasingly popular form of brand awareness and demand generation, as it allows businesses to reach a large, diverse audience in a direct way that is agnostic of the changing digital tides. This type of advertising includes billboards, posters, airport displays and other forms of out of home media. With the rise of digital media, OOH advertising has become even more popular, as it allows businesses to target specific audiences in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

We’ve heard repeatedly that advertising and marketing teams want more guidance on how best to calculate out of home ad spend, as currently it can be a difficult question to answer. Pending the type of company and strategy, desired markets and amount of exposure desired these numbers can vary quite a bit and not always be clear.

To help, our team at AdQuick has launched a unique and industry-first out of home budget estimator to help brands of all sizes - from starts to S&P businesses - make the right decisions with budget allocation and move from ‘best guess’ to ‘best practice.’ Our goal with launching this tool is to provide as accurate results as possible for teams with definitive estimates, all too critical context of other marketing spend, and to more broadly understand planning at an annual level (far more strategic than campaign).

Our proprietary budget estimation algorithm taking advantage of our unique dataset calculates market-specific budget recommendations based upon population counts and three recommended levels of target penetration (entry level, saturation, and domination). These are informed by proprietary data describing average market-specific CPMs and the volume of OOH ad impressions available within the market.

You can view some sample reports generated below, of course these will vary based on your industry, budget and specific goals you’re looking for your advertising programs to achieve.

We invite you to explore this tool for yourself on our site here. Happy estimating!