OOH is more than just advertising, it’s an experience

OOH is more than just advertising, it’s an experience

While advertisements are seemingly everywhere in our world and across devices, not all experiences are created equal. Amongst the channels and platforms, one form of ads stands tall and done right commands attention – out of home (OOH) advertising. Marketers agree, and new research this year shows OOH spends are the channel with greatest increase so far in 2023.

The increase makes sense, as people transition back to a normal life and spend more time traveling and out with friends. Along with that, they crave inspiration and ideas. Brands have an opportunity here to help.

The true magic of outdoor advertising lies in its ability to foster a shared experience, creating a sense of community that unites people from diverse walks of life. Just as a captivating film or an exhilarating game brings individuals together, outdoor advertising sparks conversations (online and off), ignites conversations and kindles a collective spirit. When we stumble upon an extraordinary outdoor ad, we now frequently capture the moment and share it on social media, becoming part of a larger narrative that extends far beyond the physical realm. It is through these shared moments that outdoor advertising has also become a social phenomenon, etched in our memories and embedded in our conversations.

A recent ad from Impact that went viral online shows how this is possible for creative marketers

At AdQuick, we believe outdoor advertising is not just a fleeting encounter but an opportunity for a company to transcend the mundane. It possesses the power to capture our attention, stimulate our senses, and create a sense of belonging within a community. Whereas online ads are sometimes considered spammy, OOH ads are considered a part of the landscape and viewed closer to organic content (perhaps the only ad medium this is the case). Whether we find ourselves in awe of a creative billboard or an interactive display showing something cool or clever, outdoor advertising has the ability to forge an enduring impression. So, as you navigate the bustling streets of a city or venture through the country this summer, be sure to keep a keen eye out for those larger-than-life ads – they just might become a defining highlight of your day.

As the legendary advertising icon David Ogilvy once said, "Advertising is not just about selling products; it's about creating an unforgettable experience that captivates and inspires the audience." As ad creatives, let us embrace the power of OOH to tell stories that spread.