We all have a part to play in the fight against climate change.  As marketers, we have a unique opportunity to help increase awareness, drive understanding, and inspire action.  We also have an obligation to act, ourselves.  And there’s no better time than Earth Day to consider how our marketing campaigns can become a bit more green.  Read on to learn 6 unique tips and best practices for sustainable out-of-home advertising...

#1: Use Eco-Friendly Printing for Your Static Billboards.

Unfortunately, vinyl billboards are quite harmful to the environment.  They are made from PVC and produced using toxic chemicals which produce high volumes of hazardous waste.  However, Circle Graphics’  sustainable billboards, Eco-Flexx 3.0, are not only 100% recyclable but have 60% less carbon footprint than a typical PVC bulletin.  

Want to minimize your footprint even further?  Use one of the new special vinyl coatings that actually help purify the air of harmful pollutants.

#2: Use Digital OOH (DOOH).

Digital displays help save physical advertising material and reduce fuel emissions from the travel required to put up new physical displays (e.g., transport materials to and from the ad units).  Additionally, digital OOH displays are delivered electronically, eliminating the need for physical ad creative to be delivered and disposed of. Want to maximize your campaign flexibility and gain access to real-time measurement? AdQuick DSP has got you covered.

#3: Consider Transit Advertising.

Transit system advertising – including bus, rail, subway, and bike shares – helps municipalities across the country fund and support these vital public resources.  These systems allow millions of commuters to reach their destinations for work or school every day, and eliminate the significant amount of emissions that would otherwise be generated by individual vehicles.

#4: Partner With Niche, Eco-Friendly Media Owners.

Try to occasionally think beyond “the big 3” when planning your OOH campaigns. There’s much more to out-of-home advertising than just billboards, and there are so many other options and opportunities out there that can offer brands different and more varied kinds of value – including a slew of new, sustainable media options. For example, Volta Charging runs digital OOH ads on 55-inch digital displays on their EV charging stations, and Soofa offers fully solar-powered and wirelessly-connected digital boards and benches.  Need help navigating the OOH landscape? Because AdQuick partners with over 1,000 OOH media owners, we’re uniquely positioned to help you uncover the perfect ad units for your campaign.  Reach out to our team of OOH experts any time.  

#5: Repurpose Your Billboard Vinyls.

Sometimes, you’ve just got to go with standard vinyls.  If you find yourself in this situation, consider repurposing your old vinyls into awesome, custom gifts. Companies like Rareform specialize in recycling billboard vinyls into one-of-a-kind bags and accessories.  B2C brands can use these as unique giveaways for their loyal customers, while B2B brands can leverage them as gifts for priority target accounts.

#6: Target Eco-Conscious Consumers with AdQuick Audience Data.

Once you’ve taken measures to lessen the carbon footprint of your OOH advertising campaigns, consider sharing the news with your customers.  For brands that have committed to sustainability, targeting eco-conscious consumers has never been easier with OOH advertising.  AdQuick’s advanced audience targeting capabilities can help make sure you’re reaching the “green” consumers most likely to appreciate your message.

Want to learn more about modern advances in OOH advertising or brainstorm specific ideas for your next campaign? Connect with one of our OOH experts for a free consultation!