It takes a team of people to bring an ad campaign to life. Here at AdQuick, we are lucky to collaborate with some of the most talented marketing strategists in America.

Every so often, we’ll be publishing Q&As with advertising leaders in our partner community.

Today, we’re sharing a Q&A with Todd Scanlin, who is the Vice President of Sales at Becker Boards, a national out of home network. Todd is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Todd entered the out of home industry by means of a career change. He found his way to Clear Channel after wanting to make a switch from the rental car market.

Here’s what he has to share about his experiences.

AdQuick: How did you find your way to the industry?
Todd: I was referred by a friend. I knew nothing about OOH when I decided to accept a job. Little did I know that it would turn into a career!

AdQuick: What do you love about the industry?
Todd: What I love about OOH is how impactful the format is. You see it constantly on TV shows and movies, for instance, as an everyday part of life.

OOH and billboards specifically, are always in the public eye. They always give communities something interesting to talk about. Think about how often you hear about interesting billboards.

AdQuick: What do you think about OOH’s ability to do good in the world?
Todd: I think it’s important, as operators, to give back to non-profits and other charitable organizations.

As a valued partner in each of our cities/markets, we recognize that billboards are an amazing way to reach the mass market, and when there’s an opportunity to help spread the awareness of a good cause, we are always willing to participate.

AdQuick: What do you love most about working at Becker Boards, at this moment in history?
Todd: I think what is most rewarding is being a national company with footprints in five major cities which allows us to work with any and all local and national PSAs and non profits.

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