Advertising in Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT)

*All metrics are based on a 4-week advertising campaign

Situated in the thriving city of Charlotte, Charlotte Douglas International Airport serves as a key gateway to the Southeastern United States and a prime advertising opportunity. Welcoming over 50 million passengers annually, this bustling airport showcases the vibrant spirit of Charlotte while offering advertisers access to a diverse and captive audience. At CLT, advertisements go beyond conventional boundaries, engaging with travelers from various backgrounds and industries, making each ad an essential component of an ongoing global conversation.

Why advertise at CLT?

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) is a major hub in the Southeastern United States, offering advertisers a unique opportunity to reach a diverse audience. Some notable aspects of CLT include:

Charlotte Market

Charlotte Audience

Types of Airport Advertising

Here are some of the most common advertising platforms at CLT:

These are just a few examples of the many advertising opportunities available at airports like CLT, providing brands with a wide range of platforms to reach their target audience.

Airport price breakdown

Billboard pricing in Charlotte varies significantly, with options available for different budgets:

Airport Impression and CPM Metrics

In this advertising campaign, the impressions and CPM metrics showcase the reach and cost-effectiveness of the ads:

Some of the top airport ad providers for CLT

Here is a list of top providers for advertising at CLT:

Other formats for advertising in Charlotte

A closer look at the data reveals the depth and breadth of the advertising opportunities available in Charlotte:

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