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Quantify impact on same-store sales

Discover whether prospective customers that were exposed to the placements in your OOH campaign visited your brick and mortar business and generated sales.

quantify impact
measure conversions

Attribute OOH to web visits and conversions

Historically, attributing OOH exposures to online conversions usually took a quarter to analyze and couldn’t be evaluated in the same market. We made it easy.

Let’s say you have two conversion events you want to measure: a website visit and a website checkout.

Simply drop a pixel on your website and know which units in your campaign drove the most conversions.

Track OOH’s impact on your mobile app

Understand which units in your out-of-home advertising campaign generated the most installs or in-app conversions.


Analyze conversions in real-time

Define your conversion events in AdQuick’s analytics suite and understand how your OOH campaign is performing against the success metrics you chose.

Oh, and, see it in a dashboard, just like all your other marketing channels.

Retarget audiences that saw your campaign

Use the exposure data from your OOH campaign to retarget your ideal customers on your other marketing channels.

Retargeting channels include: online display & video, mobile display & video, connected tv, streaming audio, and direct mail.

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