The billboard advertising market in Chicago, Illinois is a thriving arena of visual spectacle and marketing prowess. The Windy City, with its diverse population and bustling streets, is a veritable treasure trove of opportunities for adverisers looking to make an impact with their out-of-home campaigns.

Top Billboard Advertising Companies in Chicago

As one might expect, the top players in the Chicago billboard advertising market are some of the biggest names in the industry. Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar Advertising, View Outdoor, and Link Outdoor are the four heavy hitters that dominate the scene, offering a vast array of options for companies looking to reach the masses.

AdQuick partners with every billboard advertising company in Chicago and has 99% of the inventory in the Chicago out-of-home advertising market available for purchase on its platform.

In no specific order, here are four of the top billboard companies in Chicago:

Clear Channel Outdoor

Clear Channel Outdoor offers bulletins, posters, junior posters, 30-sheets, 8-sheets, and a handful of specialty media formats in Chicago.

Clear Channel Chicago boasts an extensive network of over thousands of placements across the city, providing maximum exposure for the advertiser.

Their inventory reaches 99% of the adult (18 years+) population in the Chicago DMA weekly.

Lamar Advertising

Lamar Advertising offers bulletins, posters, bus ads, street furniture, and a handful of specialty media formats in Chicago.

Lamar Chicago's inventory reaches 99% of the adult (18 years+) population in the Chicago DMA weekly.

View Outdoor

View Outdoor offers spectaculars, bulletins posters, junior posters, wildpostings, and and a handful of specialty media formats in Chicago. Their inventory reaches 60%+ of the adult (18 years+) population in the Chicago DMA weekly.

Link Media Outdoor

Link Media Outdoor offers bulletins, posters, 30-sheets, 8-sheets and a handful of specialty media formats in Chicago. Their inventory reaches 60% of the adult (18 years+) population in the Chicago DMA weekly.

Digital Billboards in Chicago

While traditional billboard advertising remains a staple in Chicago, the advent of digital out-of-home advertising has added a new dimension to the advertising landscape. Outfront Media, JCDecaux, Digital Outdoor Advertising, and Chicago Billboards are the four top digital out-of-home advertising companies in the city, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create dynamic, eye-catching displays.

Digital billboards comprise 12% of all the billboards in Chicago. Using digital out-of-home (DOOH) adds relevance and timeliness to your campaign through dynamic creative execution and allows for unlimited messaging options during the flight of the campaign.

Change messaging based on triggers such as time of day, weather, sports scores, or any type of numerical counter using AdQuick’s Programmatic DOOH DSP.

Here’s what you need to know about the major players in the Chicago DOOH space and their inventory listed on AdQuick.

Outfront Media

Outfront Media, one of the large, publicly-traded national out-of-home companies offers interactive displays that allow customers to engage with advertising content in real-time. Their inventory reaches 98% of the adult (18 years+) population in the Chicago DMA weekly.


JCDecaux is known for its digital screens in high-traffic areas such as the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue) and along the highways near the Loop.

Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor Advertising offers bulletins, posters, spectaculars, and 8-sheets in Chicago. Their inventory reaches 60%+ of the adult (18 years+) population in the Chicago DMA weekly.

Chicago Billboards

Chicago Billboards specializes in digital billboards in the city's busiest areas such as the Willis Tower.

Overall, the billboard advertising market in Chicago is a diverse and competitive landscape, with a variety of companies vying for the attention of the city's inhabitants.

From traditional billboards to cutting-edge digital displays, there's no shortage of visual stimuli for Chicago residents to take in. The four top Chicago billboard companies Clear Channel Outdoor, Lamar Advertising, Outfront Media, and View Outdoor, as well as the top four digital out of home advertising companies JCDecaux, Digital Outdoor Advertising, and Chicago Billboards are at the forefront of this bustling market, and are sure to continue to shape the advertising landscape of the Windy City for years to come.

Other Types of Outdoor Advertising in Chicago

Here are some other, non-billboard, out-of-home advertising options that AdQuick customers use to find their target audience in Chicago.

Wrapped Vehicle Advertising

Wrapped-car ads and advertising trucks are great for reaching your target audience in areas where there is limited traditional out-of-home inventory.

We commonly see marketers using wrapped vehicles executed by Wrapify, mobilads, Adgile Media, and Carvertise to promote their products in Chicago neighborhoods with spotty OOH coverage.

Chicago, IL Demographics & Statistics

Situated alongside the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is a city of grandeur and diversity. With a population of nearly 2.7 million people, it is the third most populous city in the United States. Despite a slight decline in population over the past decade, Chicago has seen a decrease of 8% since the year 2000, with a decline of 4% since 1990.

Age in Chicago

The median age of the city's population is a youthful 34.1, with males making up 49% and females 51%.

Young children, aged 0-4, make up 7% of the population, with an additional 6% falling into the 5-9 age range. The largest age group is those aged 25-34, comprising a significant 20% of the population.

Race, Diversity, & Ethnicity in Chicago

Chicago is a diverse city, with 28% of the population identifying as white, 9% as black, 11% as Asian or Pacific Islander, and a whopping 49% as Hispanic. There is a small Native American population of 0%, as well as a small population of those identifying as Hawaiian or Pacific Islander (also 0%). A small percentage of the population identifies as two or more races (2%).

Housing in Chicago

The city's housing boasts a median age of 70, with a median house value of a hefty $291,200. This value has appreciated significantly in recent years, with a 49% increase over the past decade and a 25% increase over the past 5 years.

Rental prices in Chicago vary depending on the size of the residence, with the average rent for a studio apartment at $1017 and a 4-bedroom home or apartment at $1937. A notable 48% of the city's housing is rented by occupants, while 40% is owned by occupants and 12% is currently vacant.

Income in Chicago

The median household income in Chicago is a respectable $52,497, with a per capita income of $32,560. Unfortunately, a significant portion of the population, 16%, has a household income of less than $15,000.

Households & Education in Chicago

Marriage is fairly common in Chicago, with 37% of the population being wed and 63% single. Of those who are married, 35% are married with children and 31% are married without children. Single individuals make up the remaining 63%, with 25% having children and 16% being childless.

Education levels in the city are diverse, with 9% of the population over 25 having completed grade school or having no schooling at all. An additional 9% have completed some high school, while 23% have only a high school degree. The majority of the population, however, has pursued higher education, with 82% having completed high school plus some college, 35% having a 4-year college degree or higher, and 10% holding a master's degree.

Commuting in Chicago

Chicago is a bustling city with a diverse range of commuting options for its residents. The average commute time for those in Chicago is 35 minutes, with 49% of commuters traveling alone by automobile. A further 8% of commuters carpool, while 28% rely on mass transit for their daily commute. For those who prefer more active modes of transportation, 2% bike to work and 7% opt to walk. A small percentage of commuters, 2%, use other means to get to work, while 5% are able to work from home.

Commute times in Chicago vary, with 1% of commutes taking less than 5 minutes, 4% lasting 6-9 minutes, and 7% lasting 10-14 minutes. The largest group of commuters, 19%, has a commute time of 30-34 minutes. For those with longer commutes, 15% spend 45-59 minutes traveling to work, while 13% have commutes that last an hour or more.

Job Market in Chicago

Despite a slight decline in job growth over the past year, Chicago has seen a 4% increase in job growth over the past 5 years. This trend is expected to continue, with a projected 26% increase in job growth over the next decade. With a range of commuting options and a growing job market, Chicago remains a desirable city for those seeking both career and lifestyle opportunities.

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