Where do I start?

Creative Planning for your OOH Campaign

  • Find Inspiration

    • Research great examples of past OOH campaigns.

    • Consider how competitors are taking advantage of out-of-home advertising.

    • Talk with AdQuick to learn how we can help you develop an eye-catching OOH campaign.

  • Get Feedback

    • Once a concept is determined, the format, canvases, and placements will follow.

    • Conduct A/B testing of your creative with your internal team and with customers.

    • Talk with the AdQuick team to gain an experienced perspective.

  • Leverage Campaign

    • Great OOH creatives will optimize the cost per thousand impressions (CPM).

    • Develop a media mix strategy based upon your OOH approach and momentum.

    • Talk with the AdQuick team to determine how your OOH campaign can be measured.


75% of an ad’s effectiveness is determined by its creative.

The Advertising Research Foundation

What format should I use?

Key OOH Formats to Consider

The Basics

What makes a good OOH ad creative?

Color & Contrast

  • High contrast colors work best with OOH... similar to colors that contrast in the everyday world.

  • Use your brand colors where applicable and use similar colors across your entire campaign.


Typeface & Fonts

  • Be sure to make typeface legible, bold, and large enough to be viewed from a far distance.

  • Use your brand fonts and stay consistent.

Subject Matter/Visuals

  • The imagery should stand out, have a strong focal point, and be easily scannable.

  • The subject matter can pack a punch, be hilarious, be controversial, or tug at the heart strings.



  • Messages should be concise and to the point. 7 words or less is a proven standard.

  • Make sure your copy is catchy and readable. White backgrounds and white space can help highlight the text.

Call to Action

  • 46% of people look up information after seeing something interests them on on a billboard.

  • Use an easy to remember URL, hashtag or add a QR code (on formats located at eye-level).



  • A consistent OOH presence in specific markets helps build substantial brand awareness over time.

  • 50% of people continue to notice the same OOH ad after 1 month and 25% after 3 months.

Next Steps

What else should you consider?

Creative Gallery

OOH Advertising Examples

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