These panels are popular among brands looking to expand their OOH marketing campaigns and reach an urban audience, whether nationally or locally.

What is Urban Panel Advertising?

Urban panels sit on the street level above subway entrances. These displays are visible to commuters who are walking, taking the subway, or riding a bus. Much like wall art or advertising on street furniture, urban panels are designed to reach city dwellers. You can focus your urban panels to a broad swath of geographic locations. Of course, as they rely on the location of a subway, urban panels are placed in dense city areas.

Some urban panels can be larger digital displays. These digital urban panels capture commuter attention and are a great addition to any digital OOH advertising strategy.

How Do Urban Panels Work?

As with any OOH marketing strategy, urban panels are a unique way to achieve brand awareness. Due to their placement at street-level at subway entrances the panels reach a large number of people each day.

Traditionally, urban panels have been located primarily on subways, but they can be placed on the sides or back of newsstands. Using vivid colors or bright acrylics, like you would with window panels, is a great way to draw focus to your ad.

Benefits of Urban Panels

How do Urban Panels Fit Into Your OOH Marketing Strategy?

Urban panels are a great addition to any out of home advertising strategy. While static images may not reach your audience in real-time, digital urban panels are more dynamic and allow for quicker pivots in your outdoor advertising strategy.

How Much Does Advertising on Urban Panels Cost?

It can be difficult to put an exact price on the cost of an urban panel. Costs for an urban panel vary based on location and the size of the panel. Additionally the number of panels you choose to purchase will also impact price. Urban panels can be similar in price to ads placed on bus shelters.

Who Can Benefit from Urban Panels?

Any brand looking to target an urban demographic during commute hours would strongly benefit from an investment in urban panels. As these panels can be placed in specific geographic markets they’re also ideal for regional companies looking to expand their presence. National campaigns can also leverage urban panels with a nationwide ad spend. Since urban dwellers who commute would see these ads the most, know that the audience is qualified and covers a range of demographics.

Urban Panel Advertising Examples

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  • urban-2
  • urban-3
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