Because advertising trucks travel through dense cities and towns, ads placed on trucks gain significant brand exposure. Similar to other forms of outdoor advertising, like billboards, trucks offer large canvases to display your content, ensuring that it will be widely seen by the public. You’ve likely seen advertising trucks pass by with elaborate displays, including LED lights and animated video content, but your ad can be as simple or as complex as you like. Are advertising trucks right for your brand? Let’s take a look at some of the options.

What are Advertising Trucks?

First, you should know that advertising trucks take several forms. Advertising trucks place your ad on an actual mobile billboard, which can display either static content or digital content with LED technology. Digital displays are great for companies looking to take advantage of state of the art technology to get their message out to the widest possible audience. These displays are especially eye-catching, and make your message much more memorable. Because of the LED display, your content will still be seen once the sun goes down and in poorly lit parts of the city.

Static billboards are more affordable than digital displays, and still carry your message throughout the region. These displays are usually made of vinyl and stand up well to wear and tear. Whichever option you choose, billboard trucks are a great way to let the community know you’re open for business.

How Do Advertising Trucks Work?

Advertising trucks work similarly to other forms of outdoor advertising. Taking advantage of crowded city centers and suburban retail zones, mobile billboard advertising displays your content to a broad swath of the population. To start a truck campaign, determine your target audience and whether you want to go with a static design or a digital display. Once you’ve figured out your target population and advertising medium, work with a reputable design agency to create your desired design.

Most truck companies let you determine your chosen route in advance, or you can let them design a custom route that reaches your target demographic.

Truck advertising is especially useful for promoting special events, like sales and promotions, or upcoming events like trade shows and concerts.

Is there a minimum run time for advertising trucks?

Specific runtime requirements will depend on the company you decide to partner with. Most mobile billboard trucks have a minimum run time of one day.

How Much Does Advertising on Advertising Trucks Cost?

The cost of your ad campaign will depend on whether you choose to go with static or digital displays, and will usually range from $800 - $2,400 per truck for a static image, and $1,250 - $3,600 per truck for a digital/LED/video display.

Deploying a fleet of advertising vehicles will cost more, but some companies offer discounts if you advertise in bulk.

Benefits of Advertising Trucks

Like other traditional forms of out of home advertising, advertising trucks share your message far and wide to a broad demographic. Because advertising trucks are mobile units, they are especially eye-catching and are proven to increase recall rate. Trucks share your message with commuters waiting for the bus or stuck in traffic, and can help boost your other advertising channels, like your social media, by letting people know where they can find you online.

Why Advertising on a LED Advertising Truck is Effective

Deploying a LED mobile billboard truck is a great way to cut through the ad clutter and ensure your message is seen. This unique form of truck side advertising offers LED screens to share your content, which can play video or other animated content if you choose. Because they are backlit, the LED display is highly visible even in poor weather or lighting conditions. Popular in dense areas with a lot of competing advertisements, like NYC, LED advertising helps make your message stand out.

These digital displays are great for companies looking to conduct experiential marketing, because the displays can share highly engaging video content. Mobile digital billboard trucks can travel along routes that pass through the most desirable consumer locations, like Times Square in NYC or Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

Which markets are best served by advertising trucks?

Because they are highly mobile, advertising trucks can go virtually anywhere. They are best for serving populations that congregate outside, whether they’re traveling to work in the morning or attending an outdoor event.

Billboard advertising trucks present a great way to reach your target demographic, wherever they may be. Whether you’re trying to reach consumers in suburban Atlanta, or the high-traffic markets around Orlando, FL, advertising trucks ensure your message will be seen by the right people.

How Scalable are Advertising Trucks?

One of the best benefits of advertising trucks is that you can scale your marketing campaign up or down as needed. Once you have your design prepared, you can choose whether you want to deploy a single vehicle or the largest fleet possible. Widely considered to be one of the most cost effective forms of outdoor advertising, mobile billboards have something for every marketing budget. Reach out to an advertising company you trust for more information and a free quote.

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