If you’re stuck in traffic on the freeway, a multi-story wallscape ad with a unique design will certainly catch your attention. These ads can also become urban landmarks and a destination for tourists to visit.

What is Wallscape Advertising?

Wallscape advertising is a form of out of home advertising that yields high impact results. Wallscapes can be made in many mediums, but typically it takes the form of a painting or mural that is on the side of a building. These wallscapes are often located near downtown shopping areas and can appear on office buildings or parking garages.

These wallscape ads are impressive in size, often rising several stories. Think several billboards stacked on top of each other. The size of these ads makes them highly visible from roadways and other parts of cities.

How Are Wallscapes Made?

Wallscapes can either be large canvases made of vinyl or other material or directly painted onto the side of a building. Since the shape of buildings differ, there is no standard size for a wallscape ad. As the building size in many business districts vary, they can take nontraditional shapes to adapt to the architecture they are placed on.

Wallscapes take a great deal of planning and design. However, for the massive amount of brand awareness it is worth the effort. For instance, the painting of a wallscape can draw attention and arouse curiosity from passersby who can’t wait to see the finished product.

How Much Do Wallscapes Cost?

Due to the varied sizes that wallscape advertising can take, pricing runs the gamut. As each piece is unique and there is no standard size for a wallscape. Though wallscapes are more costly than traditional billboards, they can reach more eyeballs, depending on the placement.

Pricing also depends on the location of the ad and the metropolitan area in which it is placed. Traditionally, pricing depends on how many impressions the placement will receive.

More populous cities like Los Angeles and New York are going to require a larger investment than smaller cities.

Since wallscapes stay in place longer than other OOH ads like billboards, the length of the campaign is also factored into the cost.

Wallscapes Locations

Unlike billboard advertising, wallscapes require a dense area with buildings to use as a canvas. As such, they are often placed in areas where traditional billboard coverage is limited. Wallscapes are best suited for the sides of commercial buildings, like parking garages, hotels, or even residential buildings. These locations are near downtown shopping centers or freeways to ensure maximum visibility. The need to have multi-story buildings means there is a present audience who will see the ads, giving the placement exceptional reach.

Wallscape Advertising Design

Wall advertising can take on many forms. The sheer size and varying shapes of buildings that the ads must be placed on mean each ad will have a singular design. These factors ensure that a wallscape will stand out and grab the attention of anybody who sees it.

Wallscape Design Elements That Stand Out

The size of wallscapes means that they can be seen from a great distance. Using vivid colors or special effects that help the ad stand out in the skyline can make the wallscape a spectacular landmark.

Some wallscapes can accommodate their surroundings and use the shape of the building to create a stunning effect that will increase visibility and attention.

Location Impacts on Design

Due to the scale and uniqueness of wallscapes they can sometimes become landmark locations. New York City, Seattle, and Los Angeles all have wallscapes that have become fixtures of the city, often featured in Instagram posts and other forms of social media.

Benefits of Wallscape Advertising

Since wallscapes are in urban environments they are subject to high traffic zones where they can capture the attention of commuters with their eye-catching size and scale. Unlike other forms of OOH advertising, wallscapes are guaranteed audiences.

Lower Competition

Wallscapes differ from traditional billboards by creating a big impact. Their uniqueness and size give them an edge of a billboard ad.

Commuters see so many billboards they often forget them, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd. However, wallscapes can only be placed in a limited number of areas, meaning you won’t be fighting to stand out, there’s just naturally lower competition as there are fewer places to display a wallscape.

Social Media

Since wallscapes are so unique in their design and size images of them are often shared on social media platforms. People either take a photo of the wallscape or pose in front of it. This amplifies the reach of these ads, showing them to people beyond the city where the ad is placed.

Use Cases for Wallscape Advertising

Wallscapes are an ideal advertising solution for an evergreen product. Due to the planning and resources required to install wallscapes, they might not be suitable for a seasonal show or movie that will require the wallscape to be removed after a short time.

Wallscapes are great for advertisers that have a strong presence in the city and require extra visibility, a new symphony or sports team for example. They guarantee repeated visibility from local commuters or residents who pass by the ad on a daily basis.

Wallscape Advertising Examples

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