The ability to have a unique creative ad as well as the immediacy of windowscapes make them a great addition to a marketing campaign.

What Is Windowscape Advertising?

Windowscapes are ad placements that cover a window. Usually the windows are located on the outside of retail stores in high trafficked areas. Of course, one advantage of windowscapes is that most surfaces present an opportunity for an ad placement. With such range, windowscapes have many sizing options. These ads can be as simple as plain text declaring a clearance sale nearby or a faux oil painting with vivid colors designed to stop pedestrians in their tracks.

How Do Windowscapes Work?

Like any form of OOH advertising, windowscapes create an immediate connection to passersby. Including relevant business information like a phone number or contract information is going to increase the effectiveness of the windowscape.

Benefits of Windowscapes

Windowscapes are a fantastic option for advertising for locations that may have stringent building codes and not allow for the installation of digital displays or billboards. Virtually any window can become an ad placement. The diverse locations of windowscapes means that they will be visible to both pedestrians and those in vehicles.

This versatile form of advertising allows you the opportunity to target your audience geographically. If you have a location in the neighborhood, a windowscape is an immediate call to action.

 You also create a strong brand presence locally. If you purchase a windowscape in an urban core you can trust that passersby who view your ad are largely commuters, who will see the spot repeatedly.

Windowscapes on impact resistant windows are unlikely to be broken, so you can rest assured your ad will remain visible.

Windowscape Locations

Windowscapes are often found on the exterior of retail stores. The size of these displays is similar to a living room or kid’s room window. Often, windowscapes are found in cities, malls, or other dense areas where billboards and other OOH channels are unavailable.

Due to the large number of windows and opportunity for windowscapes in a city, an advertiser can be hyper-focused when determining where to place their windowscapes. Locations are usually at street level, for maximum visibility.

How Much Does Windowscape Advertising Cost?

Pinpointing cost for windowscapes is difficult. Due to the varied size that windowscapes come in there is a wide range of cost. Additionally, location plays a huge factor in pricing. Locations in busier areas are going to be at a premium, compared to ad buys that will receive less eyes.

Many windowscapes are used to advertise exclusive offers, if you are running a sale in the off season, ad buys are cheaper. Take in season trends when determining the cost of a windowscape.

Who Should Use Windowscapes?

Windowscapes are an ideal form of advertising for any local business like a specialty contractor or neighborhood restaurant. Any brand looking to expand visibility and presence would greatly benefit from the use of windowscapes. The ad’s immediate connection to consumers and ability to host a variety of creative elements make them stand out in a cityscape where billboards aren’t an option. These ads can resonate with potential customers and lead to immediate returns.

Brands with a national presence or location in a target market will also benefit from windowscapes, especially those placed near downtown shopping areas that attract a lot of foot traffic.

On the flip side, if your business is undergoing a remodel and you have empty windows, you can host a windowscape.

Windowscapes Examples

Windowscapes can take a variety of forms. Some can be large stickers placed in windows, similar to wall decals.

Companies that sell home decor targeting homeowners, may design their windowscape to appear as draperies. Larger brands utilize several adjacent windows to create stunning displays. Apple does a great job of creating arresting and relevant images on the windows of their stores. Brands should take note and create similar windowscapes.

Windowscape Advertising Examples

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  • window-2
  • window-3
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