That’s where elevator advertising comes in. Elevator ads give people something to look at and engage with while they wait, helping to alleviate the inevitable social awkwardness that comes from riding in an elevator with someone you kinda know, but don’t necessarily want to chat with. Are elevator ads right for your brand? Let’s go over some of the basics.

What Is Elevator Advertising?

Elevator advertising involves some form of signage placed inside an elevator. These unique ad campaigns target a wide range of people, including affluent office workers and consumers in shopping malls. Like other forms of advertising media, elevator ads can feature static images or digital content, depending on the specific elevator you choose to place your ad. Because elevator maintenance falls under the jurisdiction of the property manager, the elevator your ad is placed in should be regularly maintained and cleaned, ensuring your ad is clear and unimpeded.


Elevator ads can be placed on digital screens in the elevator itself or outside the elevator in an office lobby. Another ad option involves the use of prints or decals that are applied to the wall or elevator door.

How Does Elevator Advertising Work?

Elevators are prevalent in most cities and towns, but not all elevators are set up to display ads. In cities with a lot of high-rise buildings, like New York or San Francisco, elevator advertising is relatively common. Like other forms of out of home advertising, elevator ads can be placed on digital LCD screens, allowing you to get more mileage out of any digital ads you’ve created for other mediums.

The Psychology of Elevator Advertising

Although many companies choose to reuse ad content that they’ve already created for their elevator ads, elevators are great for unique and clever advertising. Effective elevator ads incorporate the elevator itself into the design, making for a humorous and lighthearted ad moment. For workers in an office building, the levity of a creative elevator ads will be much appreciated.

Clever advertising is a great way to endear your brand to consumers, which is why funny commercials are so popular. Designing creative elevator ads will help ensure that your content stands out and is memorable.

Length of Exposure

If you decide to go with digital signage, you’ll have to determine how long you want your ad to run for. Keep in mind that people riding in elevators are essentially a captive audience, and if you ad starts playing they will have no choice but to see and hear it. However, they usually are only riding the elevator for a minute or less, so your ad needs to be brief and to the point. Typical digital ads will run for 15 to 30 seconds.

Placement in Peoples’ Daily Transit

Elevators are an essential component of modern life, and many people ride an elevator to go to and from their office, or to and from their apartment. This ubiquity makes elevators excellent advertising spaces, because the repeated exposure will lead to greater recall and a more positive association with your brand. The more often someone sees your adverts the more likely they are to buy your product, making elevator ads a smart choice for any advertising agency.

Social Aspect

We’ve all experienced the inescapable social awkwardness that comes from an elevator ride with a distant acquaintance. Although you don’t know each other well, you know each other well enough that standing in silence isn’t an option. You try to make small talk, but the elevator ride seems interminable. A clever and humorous ad gives elevator riders something to talk about, and provides a focal point to diffuse any tension.

Alignment with Useful Information

Many digital screens placed inside or outside elevators display useful information, like current weather reports, sports scores and news headlines. Running your ad on a digital screen that displays this information makes it even more likely that people will see your ad.

How Much Does Elevator Advertising Cost?

Compared to other forms of out-of-home advertising, elevator ads have a high degree of cost-effectiveness and are suitable for any marketing budget, including small businesses. An elevator ad on a digital screen will typically cost around $1,000 for a 15-second spot, lasting four weeks. The actual rate will depend on the timing and location you choose.

Successful Use Cases for Elevator Advertising

Elevator advertising is a great option for brands looking to target affluent office workers or shoppers, and can be a smart tool for promoting your brand. Since elevators cater to local residents who live and work within a specific geographic area, elevator ads give you the ability to do some microtargeting, and are especially useful for local businesses trying to attract customers. If you’re looking to promote your local business or an upcoming event, consider making elevator ads a part of your next marketing campaign.

Elevator Advertising Examples

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