A popular form of out-of-home advertising (otherwise known as OOH), incorporating street furniture into your next marketing campaign can be a great way to expand your brand awareness and attract new customers. How can you get started with street furniture advertising? Read on for an overview of the basics and some ideas for getting started.

What is Street Furniture Advertising?

Street furniture advertising connects your brand with consumers as they go about their daily lives. Whether they’re in the middle of their work commute, running errands, or meeting friends for dinner, your customers will likely come across multiple pieces of street furniture every day. Each of the phone kiosks they pass or bus benches they wait at provide another opportunity to convey your message. Versatile enough to be featured in big cities and small towns alike, you can get a lot of mileage out of a street furniture ad campaign.

Similar to other forms of OOH, like billboards, street furniture advertising allows for widespread visibility at a relatively low upfront cost. This type of advertising is popular for small businesses and those who want to reach as many people as possible in their local area.

Types of Street Furniture Ads

Advertisements can be affixed to a wide variety of furniture types, whether it’s bus shelters, phone kiosks or transit shelters. The variety of different street furniture options allows you to have fun with your ad designs. Some of the most engaging street furniture ads play off of the medium they appear on, letting the customer in on the joke. Bus shelter advertising that shows images of people sitting on a bus bench, for example, can quickly grab the attention of commuters.

Since street furniture is so abundant, you could personalize a series of ads on phone kiosks to point in the direction of your store, for example, or tell customers how far they are from your brick and mortar location. The design options are nearly endless, allowing for a greater degree of creativity and personalization. Unlike billboards, which are static and tend to be pricier, street furniture ads allow for more flexibility in your design and budget.

Advantages of Street Furniture Advertising

If you’re thinking of incorporating street furniture into your next marketing campaign, you’re in good company. Thousands of brands use street furniture to help increase brand awareness, from big corporations like McDonalds, to small local mom-and-pop stores or dentists. Street furniture provides equal exposure to large and small companies alike, giving you an excellent opportunity to connect with your individual community.

It’s inexpensive

When it comes to spreading brand awareness, street furniture gives you a big bang for your buck. By meeting commuters where they are, street furniture ensures maximum exposure for a relatively small investment. You can also scale your campaign to take on as many or as few pieces of street furniture as you like. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way to reach thousands of potential customers every day, you can’t go wrong with street furniture.

Encourages social interaction

Because street furniture is at eye level, it encourages maximum social interaction and can even lead consumers to associate your brand with the wider community. Public amenities, like buses and public phone kiosks, tend to hold the attention of commuters longer than other ads that aren’t placed at street level. By meeting people where they are (literally, at their eye level) your ads will naturally be more engaging and interactive.

It’s attention-grabbing

For better or worse, sitting in traffic is a common feature of modern life. For advertisers, traffic provides an excellent opportunity to introduce potential customers to your brand. As people wait for a red light to change or for a bus to load, your ad can provide a welcome distraction, grabbing their attention and if you’re lucky, maybe even making them laugh.

In smaller towns, street furniture can provide a welcome distraction for people waiting at the bus stop or walking down the street. With less visual competition, your design can be more nuanced and subtle while still grabbing the attention of passersby.

In cities with a high volume of vehicular traffic, like New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco, the more eye-catching your design can be, the better. Street furniture is abundant in these locations, and your design will have to be simple and bold to catch the eye. Public transportation is also more abundant in large cities, giving you a lot of location options and more competitive pricing.

How much does it cost?

When it comes to OOH, street furniture is one of the most cost effective options. Pedestrian panels and phone kiosks are essentially low-cost mini billboards that engage customers and raise your brand’s reputation. Bus infrastructure, like bus shelters and bus benches, provide for longer dwell time and greater interaction with potential customers.

Once you determine your out-of-home advertising budget, consider which medium will give you the greatest return on your investments. If you want to effectively connect with consumers across multiple locations, street infrastructure advertising is a great opportunity to make those connections.

What can Street Furniture do for your OOH Advertising?

As you design your outdoor advertising campaign, keep in mind that it can take several different forms. Billboards and street furniture can help increase your brand awareness and make an impact with potential customers. Bus ads can take your message to suburbs, and subway ads can cement your reputation in the city center.

Street furniture is a strong addition to an OOH marketing campaign that seeks to gain name recognition and brand awareness. Due to its semi-permanent nature, street advertising is less effective for short-term sales and promotions. Design your street advertising content to be evergreen, and it can be easily rolled out to different locations throughout the year.

Street Furniture Advertising Examples

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  • street-buffalo
  • street-ny
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