What are Digital Spectaculars?

Digital spectaculars are a form of out of home advertising, like a massive digital billboard. Composed of digital video screens, digital spectaculars incorporate custom lighting and audio, and can even offer social media integrations. One of the most eye-catching advertisements you can design, digital spectaculars are made to be seen by a wide audience in a crowded location.

Their large format allows for creative and fun design concepts. Because each digital spectacular is unique and extremely high-visibility, they usually require a high-tech design team to create and execute.

How much do Digital Spectaculars Cost?

Synonymous with high-traffic areas like Las Vegas, or the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, digital spectaculars are placed in the most desirable consumer locations in the world. Because of their prime location and complex designs, digital spectaculars are typically costlier than other forms of outdoor advertising. The average digital spectacular advertisement will span many more square feet than a typical billboard, making it even more visually arresting, but also more expensive. Work with a reputable advertising agency to find the right space and design for your marketing campaign.

Where Can Digital Spectaculars Be Set Up?

These digital displays require high visibility downtown areas. Because the display is more involved than a typical billboard, digital spectaculars are situated in major commercial areas with suitable space and capacity.

Primary Use Cases for Digital Spectaculars

Digital spectaculars are good for brands hoping to take their advertising to the next level. When you take advantage of this dramatic form of outdoor advertising, you can be sure that customers will see your ad from far away and long into the night. The LED video screens allow for interactive and animated content that will be engaging and cutting-edge. Take advantage of this high-tech form of signage if you want to ensure your brand message is seen by hundreds of thousands of shoppers.

What Can Digital Spectaculars Do For Your Brand?

How long can digital spectaculars operate for?

Because digital spectaculars utilize long-lasting LED displays, your ad can run for as long as you want it to, with little to no wear and tear. But keep in mind that the space is often competitive, and the design time may be more complex than it is with other forms of out of home advertising.

Benefits of digital spectaculars

When it comes to commanding maximum attention, digital spectaculars can’t be beat. The name says it all: these displays are indeed spectacular and will associate your brand with the top brands out there. Because they are placed in high-traffic commercial areas, they target people who are ready and willing to make a purchase. These are high-impact designs for brands that want to do something innovative and exciting with their next marketing campaign. If you’re looking for a high-profile design opportunity, consider using a digital spectacular.

Digital Spectacular Advertising Examples

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