These small but mighty billboards can help you increase brand awareness, and are relatively easy to produce on a short timeline. If you’re thinking it’s time to take advantage of out-of-home advertising, billboard posters are a good place to start.

What is a Billboard Poster?

A billboard poster is a large scale sign that is installed along busy city streets and roadways. When using any form of billboard advertising, you gain widespread exposure and attention. Large-scale signage, like billboard posters and other forms of wall art, can catch the attention of thousands of viewers per day, depending on where they’re located.

Common in bustling city centers, like Times Square in New York City, billboard posters can feature whatever content you’d like to design. Art prints are relatively inexpensive to design, and can be quickly affixed to an existing billboard in the location of your choice. Depending on your design capacity, you may be able to create your design in-house to minimize costs.

The dimensions of your billboard poster will depend on the specific advertising structure you choose, but they are usually around 10 feet high and 22 feet wide. Posters are typically featured along busy roadways, and target local commuters and travelers.

Billboard Poster Features

One of the great features of billboard posters is that their smaller size makes them especially nimble. Producing a new poster ad campaign is relatively inexpensive, and it can be quickly executed. If you’ve used other forms of outdoor advertising before, you know that the design and implementation process can take several weeks. With billboard posters, you can create unique and eye-catching messaging and push it out to the community much faster.

Billboard Poster Locations

Billboard posters are featured along busy roadways and in dense metro areas, like Manhattan and Las Vegas. Because they are often placed in areas with a lot of commercial activity, they are especially effective at targeting people who are ready to make a purchase. A billboard poster in New York City might advertise a new local restaurant, for example, encouraging commuters to checkout a new food option in their neighborhood.

Billboard Poster Design

Because of their small size, billboard posters present a great opportunity to flex your creativity and experiment with different designs. A lot of companies choose to design retro poster billboards, tapping into nostalgia for vintage advertising campaigns. You can play around with unique fonts and designs to see what method is right for your brand.

How to Design your Billboard Poster

Although billboard posters are still considered large format designs, they are cheaper to design and produce than traditional billboards and bulletins. Depending on your internal capacity, you may be able to create the design in house. There are plenty of design companies that can help you create your ideal design, if you prefer to outsource your design creation. Reach out to a reputable design agency for a quote and check out their website for FAQ and examples of their past work.

Many billboard posters are made of eco-friendly material that can easily be recycled when your campaign wraps up. For greater durability, you can also create a design on PVC material, which will ensure that your billboard can withstand the elements.

Billboard Posters vs Billboards

The biggest difference between billboard posters and billboards is the size. Posters are smaller than the larger-sized bulletin billboards, and are more likely to be placed within a city or town, rather than along a major highway. Posters are great for short-term billboards, because ads can easily be changed out quickly.

Best Use Cases For Billboard Posters

Billboard posters are great for advertising new products or launches, or for promoting an upcoming event. Because of their quick turnaround, they are good for last-minute campaigns that you want to push out into a local community ASAP. Billboard posters are also ideal for creating a mass campaign that will blanket a specific area, ensuring maximum impact.

Leverage Billboard Posters in Communities

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness in a specific location, you can put billboard posters to work for you by mass-producing an ad campaign. Their smaller size makes them ideal for placements in cities and towns, and they can provide a solid canvas for an advertising blitz. If you have a seasonal sale or event to promote, consider leveraging billboard posters to get the word out quickly and effectively.

Billboard Poster Advertising Examples

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