What is Pedicab Advertising?

A pedicab, sometimes called a rickshaw, is essentially a tricycle shuttle service. Powered by a human driver, pedicabs are popular tourist attractions in areas that see a lot of foot traffic, like NYC. In areas where people prefer to take slower modes of transit instead of driving, pedicabs provide a sustainable and clean transit option while allowing riders to enjoy a pleasant ride.

Pedicab advertising is a form of outdoor advertising that places your ad on a pedicab vehicle. These human-powered cabs are popular in tourist destinations, like the Embarcadero roadway in San Francisco or along the San Diego waterfront.

Beyond the ability to place ad content on the pedicab itself, drivers can also serve as brand ambassadors, sporting branded gear like t-shirts and hats to help you increase brand awareness. This creative advertising platform presents several different advertising opportunities when it comes to getting the word about about your products and services.

What sets Pedicab Advertising Apart?

You can think of a pedicab ad as a mobile billboard, driving your brand’s message to the densest regions of your city. Because pedicabs provide a fun and sustainable way to travel, potential customers will have a positive association when they see your content passing by on a pedicab. Brands can also take advantage of the medium by offering free rides on the pedicab, sponsored by their company, in addition to the ad content placed on the cab.

Types of Pedicab Ads

Pedicabs provide several different ad opportunities. You can select whether or not you want to outfit an entire pedicab fleet, and whether you want to create full wraps or partial wraps. Utilizing entire pedicab fleets is a great way to gain maximum brand exposure, especially in heavily trafficked areas.

The Benefits of Pedicab Advertising

Effective and affordable

Pedicab ads are relatively inexpensive to place, and you can scale your marketing campaign to be as large and extravagant as you’d like. Your ad campaign could be as simple as wrapping a few pedicab vehicles with your branded content, or it could wrap an entire fleet and also outfit drivers with t-shirt and hats for a more high-impact experience. Depending on the scope and location of your advertising campaign, you can effectively reach thousands of potential customers for a fraction of the cost associated with other forms of marketing.

Get Potential Clients’ Attention

Pedicabs offer a flashy and fun way to get clients’ attention, and the mobile nature of the cab ensures your message will receive significant exposure. Because pedicabs travel relatively slowly compared to other forms of mobile outdoor advertising, like taxi and bus advertising, pedicabs provide longer dwell times. Pedicabs are a somewhat unusual sight that draw attention in any high-traffic area.

People riding on pedicabs often snap photos and post them on social media, giving your content additional reach. Viewers are much more likely to notice and remember an ad they see on a pedicab, providing you with an excellent opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Use cases for Pedicab Advertising

Unlike large-scale forms of outdoor media, like billboard advertising, pedicab ads are primarily seen by people visiting tourist centers and destinations. Pedicabs are highly localised, and the content you place on a pedicab should be geared towards local visitors and tourists. A San Francisco pedicab would be a great place for a new local business to advertise their brand’s message, for example.

Companies frequently offer pre-paid pedicab rides for free to increase brand exposure, or to take riders to their retail location. Companies like Yellow Bike Media offer this type of sponsorship opportunity. For example, a brand might sponsor a pedicab fleet to give complimentary rides to attendees visiting the San Diego Convention Center for a trade show, outfitting both the pedicab itself and the drivers with branded gear.

There are a lot of creative ways to utilize pedicab advertising, and the unique delivery method will ensure that your ad stands out from the crowd.

Pedicab Advertising Examples

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