Available in most cities and towns, newsstand advertising is a smart way to ensure your ad will be seen repeatedly as people travel to work and school.

Is newsrack advertising right for your business? Let’s take a look at some of the specifics.

What is Newsrack Advertising?

Occurring in the public right-of-way, newsrack advertising is a popular form of outdoor advertising that targets both vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Similar to bus shelters and bus benches, these mini billboards often face the street and are widely seen by commuters driving through.

Although the distribution of newspapers is slowing in some areas, newspapers and other periodicals are still widely available on many busy city streets. Due to the proliferation of newsracks in populated areas, newsrack advertising presents a great opportunity for local businesses to get the word out about their brand. Viewers tend to view companies that advertise on street furniture as a public good, similar to public transportation, and are likely to consider these brands as central hubs in the community.

Keep in mind that newsrack advertising presents a small canvas to work with, making it the perfect place for a simple and uncluttered message. Your business telephone number or website, and a clean image or graphic should do the trick.

Newsracks are made to stand the test of time, and hold up well under the elements. Corrosion will be minimal, and your ad will likely hold up well even if you decide to place for a long period of time.

Benefits of Newsrack Advertising

Because news periodicals share local information and events, advertising on a newsrack influences public perception of your brand in a positive way. Your place of business will be perceived as a local establishment, and will instantly gain esteem and recognition from commuters passing by.

Newsracks are self-service vending machines, and the news distributor is responsible for keeping the newsrack in good working order. This includes managing any permit application required, and paying for landscaping to keep the surrounding area clear. All you have to do is create the design and pay for the placement; the newsrack company will ensure the newsrack meets municipal code regulations and remains in good repair.

Mass Medium

Placed in heavily populated city centers or campuses, newsracks provide a mass medium, ensuring your ad will be widely seen. These types of advertising mediums provide high-impact engagement with the surrounding community.

Frequency of Impressions

Depending on the location of your chosen newsrack, your ad will likely gain hundreds or even thousands of impressions every day. Because commuters are often stuck in traffic, looking around at the cityscape surrounding them, newsracks and other forms of street furniture provide an excellent opportunity to engage local travelers. Since people typically travel along the same routes on a regular basis, they will see your ad frequently. Frequent impressions are the best way to improve ad recall, ensuring your design will be remembered long after it’s initially viewed.

Newsrack Advertising Locations

There are laws and regulations that determine where newsracks can be placed. They can’t be located within several feet of any fire hydrant, for example, or within several feet of any driveway. They cannot block any part of the roadway of any public street or impede mailboxes. Issuance of a newsrack permit will depend on whether or not the location meets all municipal regulations, and the news distributor is responsible for paying any permit fee associated with placing the newsrack, and will be issued a notice of violation if it fails to meet city requirements. Because the newsrack is placed on public property, it must be maintained to city standards. Removal of newsracks is uncommon, and will only take place if the distributor fails to meet city standards. Check your local municipal code for more information on newsrack placement rules.

Because newspapers and periodicals target the general public, they are typically placed on busy thoroughfares and in commercial city centers. Many newsracks are placed near a bus stop in order to target passengers waiting for the next bus.

How much does Newsrack Advertising cost?

The cost of your newsrack advertising campaign will depend largely on the number of newsracks you choose to employ. Newsracks present the opportunity to place a static image, and the cost of development and implementation is relatively low. Depending on whether or not you already have designs that can be utilized in a newsstand setting, you may be able to save design costs and repurpose a design from a previous campaign. It may cost more to place your ad in high-traffic areas, like Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, so make sure you work with a reputable advertising company to determine the right location for your newsrack campaign.

Primary Use Cases for Newsrack Advertising

Because newsracks are highly localized, they present an excellent opportunity for small businesses looking to increase brand awareness, or large companies looking to promote a local branch or event.

Newsrack Advertising Examples

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