Transit advertising helps you take your message on the road and places your content in locations where it will garner thousands of viewers. Because bus shelters are located near dense hubs, like retail shopping centers and universities, bus stop ads can dramatically increase your brand’s visibility. If you’re looking to target commuters and viewers in desirable neighborhoods, consider putting your local bus stop to work for you.

What Is Bus Shelter Advertising?

Bus shelter advertising provides high visibility ad space that occurs at eye level along busy streets. Like other forms of outdoor advertising, bus stop ads provide a high degree of exposure and give commuters something to look at while they’re waiting in traffic.

With bus stop shelters, and transit shelters in general, you’re not simply targeting bus riders. You’re targeting all the people who walk down the sidewalk, and those who drive down busy city streets. Bus shelter ads don’t give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to targeting specific demographics, but you can do some targeting by narrowing down your ad locations. Think of bus shelter ads as miniature billboards. If you know you want to target more affluent shoppers, you can place your ad near an upscale shopping mall. If your brand is geared towards sports aficionados, you might place your ad along popular routes to sports stadiums and arenas.

Bus shelter advertising is a relatively simple concept. This refers to promotional and marketing content that is published on bus stops and station nationwide, with a view towards targeting commuters as they go out about their daily business. Usually, these are located in busy and bustling high street locations, particularly those in central location that benefit from high levels traffic. The frequency of buses in busy city locations continue to underpin the viability of this type of advertising, which enables brands direct targeting and communication to their ideal audience along highly commuted roads.

Types Of Bus Shelter Ads

There are a few different types of bus shelter ads to consider. Digital bus shelter ads are illuminated digital screens that offer additional functionality, like the ability to update your ad in real time or make your content interactive. Because digital ads are illuminated, they are highly visible and ensure your ad will still be seen when the sun goes down.

Static bus shelter panels are a good option if you’re looking to create a striking design at a lower price point. Bus shelter ads are usually quite large, with the classic design measuring 6 feet across and 16 feet high. Created on paper-based material, bus shelter ads are relatively inexpensive to create and alter.

How Does Bus Shelter Advertising Work?

If you’re thinking of adding bus shelter ads to your marketing campaign, you’ll first want to determine your campaign goals and target demographics. Ad space in areas with high levels of vehicular traffic will be more costly, but several strategically placed ads can give your brand the marketing boost you’ve been looking for. Think about the type of commuter you’re hoping to reach. Do they tend to congregate in certain areas? An effective bus shelter ad will connect viewers with a product or service that they recognize and value. Street furniture is placed throughout urban and suburban locations, so make sure you consider the best locations for your ad when designing your content.

How Much Does Bus Shelter Advertising Cost?

With unparalleled accessibility, bus stop advertising ensures your ad will be seen by a broad swath of the general population. When it comes to increasing name recognition and brand awareness, bus shelter ads offer high value for a relatively low price. While lower-traffic areas will provide the most cost-effective locations, big cities like New York and San Francisco can give you the biggest bang for your buck.

For the classic 6 foot by 16 foot bus shelter panel, expect to pay anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars for your ad campaign. Pricing will vary based on location and whether or not you choose to design a digital display.

What Are The Benefits To Bus Shelter Advertising?

Because bus routes run through the densest parts of town, a bus shelter will guarantee high visibility. Public transit is utilized by young and old alike, whether they’re working professionals or heading into the city to do some shopping. By partnering with public transit to get your message across, you’ll have access to a broad and receptive market.

Because bus shelter panels are relatively large compared to other ad formats, they’re especially effective at getting your message across in a memorable way. In fact, a study in 2014 found that the classic bus shelter ad size doubled brand recall for viewers, and significantly boosted their intent to purchase.

What Are The Differences Between Billboard Ads And Bus Shelter Ads?

When you think of out of home advertising (also known as OOH), you probably think of billboards. Consider bus shelter ads to be a marriage of billboards and public transportation. Because of their large size, bus shelter ads are similar to billboards when it comes to visual impact. The large panels are especially eye catching, and their placement along heavily trafficked corridors ensure they will have high viewership.

How Do I Know If Bus Shelter Ads Are Right For My Brand?

Like other forms of out of home advertising, bus shelter advertising places your ad in a high-visibility location where thousands of people will see your content every day. Depending on your target demographics, you can place your ad along routes that cater to different subsets of the population. Routes near colleges might be a good option for a brand that appeals to a younger crowd, for example. If you’re looking to promote a new craft beer, you might choose to place your ad in an area with a high concentration of bars and nightlife establishments. The metro area you target will largely determine your pricing options, so make sure you do thorough market research before designing your ad campaign.

Bus Shelter Advertising Examples

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