Larger than your average billboard, bulletin billboards are massive visual installments that provide additional creative options that traditional billboards don’t offer. These large format displays are great for delivering maximum visibility to drivers and commuters.

If you’re looking for maximum visibility and exposure, a bulletin billboard might be right for you. 

What is a Bulletin Billboard?

A bulletin billboard is the largest standard billboard option, measuring in at roughly 672 square feet of space. A popular outdoor advertising option for highways and other busy roadways, bulletin billboards provide the most possible space for your content. Because they are typically placed along major roads and thoroughfares, bulletins are geared toward commuters and long distance travelers.

Bulletin billboards come in several different formats, and many can be customized to include unique and eye-catching embellishments, like 3D components. Like other forms of out-of-home (OOH) advertising, bulletins take advantage of public spaces with high levels of foot and vehicular traffic, capturing thousands of views and impressions every day.

One of the benefits of incorporating bulletins into your marketing campaign is that they often offer flexible packages. A permanent billboard can be placed for a set period of time, typically several weeks or months. A billboard purchased through a rotary program will periodically change places, often every 60 to 90 days. Whether you choose to go with permanent bulletins or rotary bulletins, you can be sure your content will be placed in a highly visible location.

What are Bulletin Billboard Dimensions?

Bulletin sizes vary depending on location, but the typical bulletin billboard measures 14 feet in height and 48 feet in width. The actual specs of your billboard will depend on the specific geographic location you choose, and whether or not you choose to add embellishments.

Bulletin Billboards vs Billboards

Billboard advertising is a popular form of out-of-home advertising, but many advertising companies neglect to take full advantage of bulletin billboards. Similar to wallscapes and other major advertising structures, bulletins offer eye-catching visuals that capture attention.

Key Differences

The key difference between billboards and bulletins is the size. Bulletins provide a larger canvas to display your ad, and they also offer the option to add embellishments. Because of their larger size, you’re more likely to find a bulletin along larger highways and thoroughfares, whereas smaller billboards can dot smaller city streets and avenues. Digital billboards offer some advantages over static bulletins, like the option to update content in real time.

Bulletin Billboard Locations

These eye-catching displays are placed in high traffic areas, like along interstates and freeways, where they will gain maximum consumer exposure. Bulletins are common sites in busy metro areas, like New York and Los Angeles.

Typical Bulletin Billboard Contract Terms

Contract terms will depend on whether you choose a permanent display or a rotating message. Many bulletins are given long-term placements, ensuring the billboard will dominate the area for many months to come. Your contract should include a set amount of time the billboard will be up, and whether it will be a permanent or rotary display.

Pros and Cons of Bulletin Billboards

The biggest pro when it comes to bulletin billboards is the sheer size. A 672 square foot ad simply can’t be ignored. Because they are placed along major roadways, bulletins offer maximum ad exposure and widespread market coverage.

The main con of using bulletin billboards is the cost. Because they are larger and more expensive to produce, bulletins typically cost more than traditional billboards. Pricing will vary depending on the location you choose and whether or not your design incorporates embellishments. Make sure you work with a reputable advertising agency to find the right bulletin design and location for your company.

What Are Bulletin Billboards Best For?

Bulletin billboards are best for brands that are hoping to gain widespread exposure through eye-catching visual displays. Your billboard will largely target commuters and other travelers, and you do have some ability to target your key demographics by choosing to place your ads in specific geographic locations.

Bulletin Billboard Advertising Examples

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  • bulletin-3
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