Taking advantage of your local service station should be a no-brainer for advertisers. Let’s go over your options.

What Is Gas Pump Advertising?

Gas station advertising places your ad either above the gas pump or on the nozzle itself. Gas topper advertising gives you ample signage space, while nozzle ads give you a small space for a targeted ad that will be seen mostly by drivers pumping gas.

Depending on your target audience, putting signage at a gas station will either target drivers or anyone who stops by to get something from the convenience store attached to the gas station. The larger advertising displays that gas toppers have will ensure wider visibility than nozzle ads, but the smaller nozzle ads may be a good choice if you are hoping to narrowly target drivers in a certain area.

Gas pump toppers come in several sizes and formats, and many even allow for animated digital content. Drivers typically pump gas for up to two minutes, making them a perfectly captive audience.

How Does Gas Pump Advertising Work?

Gas pump advertising is a form of outdoor advertising. Like many other forms of outdoor advertising, gas station ads function like mini billboards. They garner widespread viewership by the general public, and are more cost effective than other forms of advertising. While many ad types give you the option to target specific segments of the population, outdoor advertising is a better option if you are looking to grab as many eyeballs as possible with a general message that has broad appeal.

Gas stations are ubiquitous in any populated area, and many of them also provide convenience stores where people gather to purchase their basic goods. Because gas stations are centrally located, they receive a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. Ads placed at the gas pump are at drivers’ eye level, ensuring maximum engagement.

How Much Does Gas Pump Advertising Cost?

Gas pump advertising is a relatively cost-effective form of advertising. Due to the longer dwell time people have at gas pumps, you will receive more of your audience’s undivided attention for a fraction of the cost.

Depending on the format of your ad, your campaign may place ads at every pump within a single gas station. Digital ads often offer more flexibility, and you may be able to incorporate video content that is meant to inform and entertain drivers while they wait. When designing a gas pump advertising campaign, you may want to consider the location of your ad and the demographics you hope to target. Gas pump advertising in higher-traffic areas, like cities, may be more expensive than gas station ads in more rural areas. Like mini billboards, gas pump ads vary in price according to how many views they’re likely to achieve.

Topper Advertising

Gas pump toppers encompass the area above the gas pump top. These can be digital screens or static boards, and will often advertise something specific to the region. Because you can choose which locations you want to advertise in, it is an especially effective strategy for companies looking to target by zip code or region.

A lot of newer gas stations feature gas station TV, or GSTV, that allows for your ad to be seamlessly incorporated into an entertaining video provided by the gas station company. When your ad is placed in the topper, it will likely be placed at every pump allowing your message to come through clearly without any ad clutter. If you choose to utilize a topper ad, you can be sure anyone who visits the station will see your ad while they’re filling up their gas tank.

Nozzle Ads

Smaller than other types of gas station ads, nozzle ads place your content right on the nozzle of the gas pump. Nozzle ads allow for a similar amount of exposure, and typically come at a lower price. When you place a nozzle ad, you can be sure viewers will see your content while they’re pumping gas or swiping their credit card. Like gas topper ads, nozzle ads are great if you’re looking to zero in on a specific target audience based on a zip code.

Gas Pump Advertising Examples

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