One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, marketers are still struggling to keep up with the evolving patchwork of social-distancing restrictions, which vary by state, county, and even city. In recent weeks, restrictions have been increasingly eased or lifted entirely, as the number of new cases continues to decline in many states. While this is great news through and through, this dynamic environment demands active campaign management.  We don’t live in a set-it-and-forget-it world any longer.

Now more than ever, advertisers need the ability to closely manage their ad spend, analyze performance across multiple campaign parameters, and shift dollars toward the highest-performing placements in real time.  This is as true in out-of-home media as it is in every other channel. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the release of new spend control features within the AdQuick DSP.

Spend controls are designed to enable truly real-time campaign optimization. Advertisers can already view conversion metrics by geography, publisher, and venue type within the AdQuick DSP. Now, you can adjust investment levels across these same parameters at any point throughout your campaign. Simply access the “budget” tab within the campaign planning workflow in the DSP UI, filter by market, vendor, or venue type, and input your desired budget allocation.  AdQuick DSP will start bidding on your reallocated budget instantaneously. This makes it easy and seamless to maximize delivery against your highest-performing placements.

“Our new AdQuick DSP spend control features provide buyers with an unprecedented level of control over their programmatic DOOH campaigns,” explains Kate Goldvasser, Head of Programmatic at AdQuick. “Now we can really close the loop on our advanced OOH attribution capabilities by allowing advertisers to take action on attribution-related insights and increase conversions via optimization.”

Spend controls provide advertisers with the ability to manage their campaign spend across three different parameters:

  • By geography
  • By publishers
  • By venue type

Let’s review each of these in more depth...

Geographic Spend Controls

AdQuick DSP makes it easy for advertisers to buy OOH ad units throughout the US and across the globe.  But not all markets will perform equally for every campaign, and costs in top OOH media markets – like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco – can be significantly higher than CPMs in mid-tier or smaller markets.

With geographic spend controls, advertisers can analyze their campaign performance by market, and allocate market-specific budgets according to this performance.  Additionally, many brands allocate marketing spend differently across markets.  Retailers, for example, may have more store locations to support in some markets than in others.  Regional promotions may also warrant additional investment in specific markets or regions.  Geographic spend controls give advertisers the ability to set varied investment levels for large, nuanced, or complex campaigns spanning many markets – all in just one simple step.

Publisher Spend Controls

The OOH ecosystem is complex. There are over 1,100 media owners in the United States, and the biggest only represents around 15% of available OOH ad inventory.  It’s often necessary to work with multiple publishers just in order to meet your reach goals – but it is always recommended.

Testing multiple publishers within a single campaign allows advertisers to uncover pockets of high-performance.  And now, with publisher spend controls, you’re able to optimize your cross-publisher budget allocation immediately, in-flight.  

“Publisher-specific budget allocations can prove to be one of the strongest levers for improving campaign performance,” explains Arsalan Nasir, product manager at AdQuick. “Because the DOOH marketplace is so dynamic, we often see significant variability in pricing, which translates to increased efficiency and lower cost metrics. Publisher spend controls allow advertisers to take action on these insights.”

Venue Type Spend Controls

It has long been known that media context has a huge impact on ad performance –  affecting ad recall, ad recognition, ad attitudes and cognitions, brand attitude, and purchase intent.  An effectively placed OOH ad unit can resonate—even subconsciously—with consumers, influencing their actions all the way to point of purchase.

And with programmatic digital OOH, advertisers have an abundance of venue type options, each offering unique ad contexts.  AdQuick DSP offers 73 different venue types, including bars, gyms, beauty salons, office buildings, convenience stores, retail pharmacies, airports, and more.  Venue type spend controls allow advertisers the ability to test the effectiveness of their DOOH ads across a variety of venue types and seamlessly allocate dollars to the best performing places.

The need for flexibility, transparency, and accountability in marketing has never been greater.  Spend controls within AdQuick DSP provide advertisers with granular control over their DOOH ad buys, so that they can optimize campaigns to drive performance.  By shifting budgets out of under-performing areas toward placements that perform strongly, granular campaign optimization helps to minimize wasted spend, reduce overall advertising costs, and increase ROAS.

To learn more about how AdQuick DSP can help you reach your marketing goals, reach out to our programmatic OOH experts to schedule a demo today!