Wellness company Dosist partners with AdQuick to drive brand awareness among customers in close proximity to their brick-and-mortar dispensary locations.
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Pax partnered with AdQuick to drive brand awareness during the all-important holiday gifting season.
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Leafly worked with AdQuick to drive awareness of their delivery services in key markets.
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High Times partnered with AdQuick to promote the launch of their cannabis delivery service with strategically placed programmatic digital billboards targeting their delivery areas
Visit www.hightimes.com

Leading cannabis brands trust AdQuick to help grow their business

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last prisoner project

10% of all proceeds from cannabis-related advertising booked on AdQuick will be donated to The Last Prisoner Project

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Capitalize On The Value Of OOH Without The Headache

Navigating outdoor advertising has traditionally been a painstaking, low-data, low visibility experience. But AdQuick changes the game....

WITHOUT AdQuick OOH Is Only AdQuick makes OOH


There are over 1100+ media owners in the US.


AdQuick reaches 98% of all OOH media inventory in the US and makes it easy to filter cannabis-friendly inventory.

Slow & Laborious

Launching OOH campaigns is a manual process that can take weeks.

Fast & Automated

AdQuick can deliver campaigns in 1 to 2 days.


Want to know the price? You’ll have to get in touch with a sales rep.


Only AdQuick offers full visibility into the planning & buying process –– including price transparency.

Lacking In Data

Instinct and anecdote too often drive OOH media decisions.


AdQuick’s predictive tools and machine-learning models allow you to supercharge your campaign performance.


Advertisers are usually forced to resort to measuring eyeballs, rather than action.


AdQuick allows you to directly attribute online sales to your OOH campaign and measure incremental sales with lift studies.


Requires subject matter expertise that can be hard to come by.


Let our team of OOH experts manage your buys entirely, or choose self-service. It’s up to you!

"We needed a solution that was quick, easy, cost-effective, and surgically-targeted. AdQuick checked all those boxes."

Faith Storey

Growth Marketing Consultant

Compliant Cannabis Promotion Made Easy

AdQuick makes it easy to plan and execute a compliant OOH media buy designed to boost your brand awareness and drive sales.

Cannabis-Friendly Filter

Identifying cannabis-friendly ad inventory can be tedious and time-consuming, but AdQuick makes it as easy as one click with our proprietary cannabis inventory filter.


Buy All Types of OOH Media

From static billboards to street furniture to wildpostings, AdQuick automates and simplifies the buying process for every OOH media type.


Target By Point-Of-Interest

AdQuick’s user-friendly, map-based interface makes it easy to identify ad units near dispensary locations –– so you can influence customers on their way to buy.


Set Custom Delivery Zones

Plan and buy OOH campaigns precisely tailored to reach consumers within your unique delivery zones. AdQuick allows you to create custom polygon geofences and immediately identify all cannabis-friendly OOH inventory that’s available within those areas.


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