A leading mobile banking app sought to improve brand consideration and drive subscriptions for their new reward-earning debit card across multiple US markets.

Importantly, the brand’s media director needed to be able to demonstrate that their OOH campaign was effective in driving incremental subscriptions; however, they didn’t want to set aside 20% of their budget for PSA advertising in control markets.


The brand partnered with AdQuick to influence their target consumers with a strategic combination of high-impact billboards, wallscapes, and street-level OOH ads likely to spur action.

To measure campaign effectiveness, AdQuick ran a causal impact study, which allows lift analysis of performance in markets that were exposed to the ads (exposed markets) versus markets that were not (control markets) without requiring an investment in PSA advertising in control markets.

Using time series data, AdQuick’s analytics team compared control markets to an exposed market, analyzed the lift in subscriptions in the exposed market relative to the controls, and created a model that described the portion of the lift that can be statistically attributed to the OOH campaign.

banking app


The campaign generated an impressive 39% lift in new subscriptions –– far above the brand’s benchmark metrics. This causal effect was statistically significant, at a 98.7% confidence level.

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