“We needed a solution that was quick, easy, cost-effective, and surgically-targeted. AdQuick checked all those boxes.”

Faith Storey Growth Marketing Lead, Casetext


In support of a new product launch, legal technology company Casetext sought to make a huge splash at the ABA Techshow conference. However, the best conference sponsorship opportunities were sold out.

“As a technology company, we move fast,” said Faith Storey, Growth Marketing Lead at Casetext. “But conference sponsorships are often sold months in advance. We secured the budget to invest in the conference less than a week before it started. Obviously, at that point, the best on-site inventory was already taken –– and we couldn’t justify the cost for the placements that were still available.”

With just a few days to go before the start of the conference, Casetext needed a quick-turn solution that would deliver results...


Casetext partnered with AdQuick to procure a last-minute solution to boost awareness at the conference: transit billboards. Within 48 hours, the AdQuick team executed a tailor-made program including custom, full-motion truck billboard ads designed to grab the attention of conference attendees. The ads ran on an 8-hour, hand-drawn route designed for maximum coverage throughout every day of the conference. The route also looped around major law firm offices in the city before and after conference hours, in order to maximize every dollar.

“We needed a solution that was quick, easy, cost-effective, and surgically-targeted,” said Storey. “AdQuick checked all those boxes. And our CEO was impressed that I was able to execute this campaign on such ridiculously short notice.”

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Casetext’s product launch gained immediate traction, thanks to their precision-targeted and high-impact promotion. The campaign generated 2.2x their goal number of social shares, and new business generated during the conference amounted to a 329% ROI.

“AdQuick definitely saved the day,” said Storey. “I was the hero of the launch!”

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About Casetext

Casetext is a legal technology company that develops tools to help attorneys efficiently provide high-quality representation. Casetext offers a comprehensive legal research platform used by over 7,000 law firms. The platform includes CARA A.I., the original search-by-brief legal research tool. In 2020, Casetext introduced Compose: first-of-its-kind technology that assists attorneys in drafting motions by providing tailored arguments, legal standards, and case law.

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