What is Car Wrap Advertising?

Car wrap advertising is the act of placing decals on a car to advertise a brand. This vehicle wrap won’t damage the paint job of the vehicle, so drivers can swap out the wraps as they drive around town and carvertise for your brand.

How Does Car Wrap Advertising Work?

Think of a wrapped car as a mobile billboard. This form of advertising is beneficial to both the company and the individual whose car is wrapped. Drivers in needs of extra money will offer to have their car wrapped. If their driving habits meet certain criteria, they need to be driving everyday, advertising on a parked car doesn’t provide value. 

Car wraps can cover the entirety of a car or just a portion. They can simply list a company name and phone number or be more complex with their designs. 

Benefits of Car Wrap Advertising

Car wrap advertising companies provide cost effective marketing solutions. There is a unique ability to focus on specific localities, much like other forms of OOH advertising. However, unlike other forms of OOH advertising that are static, car wraps are attention grabbing. 


Since car wraps can vary in size they are a cost effective solution. Drivers can opt for a full car wrap, a partial wrap, or even just a rear window covering that simply has your phone number so that customers can shoot you a quick text message. In all cases the driver makes extra cash, straight into their bank account.

Increases Brand Awareness

Of course, to really increase brand awareness and visibility choosing to do a full wrap on an entire vehicle will make customers take notice. This can be more costly than partial wraps, but certainly worth the money. 

Enduring and Easily Changeable

Car wrap advertising can easily be removed from a vehicle at the end of a promotion. It’s also a marketing channel that resonates with people. There’s a lot of ad recall from other drivers after they view a car wrap ad. 

Protects the Vehicle

Drivers are often concerned if their vehicle will be damaged from the wrap. The answer is no, vehicles don’t receive any damage from the placement of a car wrap on them. 

How Much Does Car Wrap Advertising Cost?

Auto wrap ad campaigns costs can cover a broad range. The upfront cost of the sticker is one of the larger expenses. Other factors include the market that you advertise in. More populated areas, where the ad will receive more impressions will have a higher advertising cost. 

Factors Affecting The Cost of Car Wrap Advertising

The size and style of the wrapped vehicle as well as location can affect the cost of the ad. Additionally, the average miles that the car is driven each day will factor into the cost of the advert. A driver who racks up a hundred miles a day will charge more for a car wrap than a driver who barely leaves the parking garage. 

Is Car Wrap Advertising a Good Investment?

With the number of commuters on the road, car wrap is a great addition to your OOH marketing mix. Vinyl wraps offer the opportunity to hone in on your target market. Since car wraps don’t damage paint, it’s easy to rewrap a vehicle with new promotions.

Drivers who drive for Uber or other rideshare companies are able to wrap their cars. This gives your brand more visibility, as passengers are getting in and out of the car and rideshare drivers are covering significant miles everyday. 

Who Should Use Car Wrap Advertising?

Any company looking to diversify their OOH marketing will greatly benefit from car wrap advertising. Vehicle wraps help expand both brand reach and visibility, while offering a low cost marketing channel. 

Car Wrap Advertising Examples

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