When you think of taxis, you likely think of big cities like New York or Chicago, where vehicles seem to outnumber people. But taxis are still prevalent throughout the country, and it’s estimated that over 47,241 taxi drivers are currently employed in the United States. 

Taxicab advertising comes in several different formats, so let’s jump in and review your options. 

What is Taxi Advertising?

Taxi advertising is a marketing strategy that places an ad on a taxi cab. Ads can appear in a box on top of the taxi, which is probably the most recognizable form of taxi advertising, but it can also be featured on the body of the cab or within the cab on a digital screen.

Like other forms of out-of-home advertising, taxi advertising places your ad in a prominent place where thousands of people will see it. Whether it’s through static displays or rotating content on digital taxi tops, taxi advertising offers a relatively small display area, which makes it an especially cost-effective option that will still gain maximum exposure.

Although rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have taken root in most major metro cities, taxis continue to dominate in many areas. The taxi industry shows no signs of slowing down, and continues to offer great advertising opportunities.

Features of Taxi Ads

Taxi cabs give you a lot of different options when it comes to designing your ad campaign. Digital screens are rising in popularity, and they offer an especially eye-catching display that will continue to command attention throughout the night. Car wraps will cover the exterior of the cab with your messaging, making the visual impact especially strong. A taxi trunk is a great place to feature your ad, as drivers naturally look to the rear of the car in front of them while sitting in traffic.

While these exterior displays are meant to be viewed by the general public, interior displays offer you the opportunity to advertise to taxi riders specifically. If you are looking to target frequent flyers, for example, interior taxi ads could be a smart way to reach them. 

How Does Taxi Top Advertising Work?

Taxi top advertising places your ad at eye level, and ensures that it will travel to the city centre where the majority of people congregate. Picture a New York City street at rush hour: with hundreds of viewers looking around while they make the trip home, an ad on the top of a taxi cab will grab their attention and likely hold it longer than many other forms of advertisements.

If you’d like to explore taxi advertising, reach out to a reputable advertising agency to determine the right campaign and location for your business.

How Much Does Taxi Top Advertising Cost?

Traditional forms of out-of-home advertising, like billboards, can garner thousands of views, but typically come at a higher cost. Taxi ads have the advantage of achieving similar exposure at a more affordable price point.

Pricing will depend largely on the scope of your marketing campaign and the location you choose to advertise in. Although taxis can be found in large and small metro areas alike, the majority of taxi drivers are located in New York and Las Vegas.

For a taxi top advertising display, you can expect to spend between $30 to $2,000 per cab, depending on the design and location, and whether you choose to design digital ads. Keep in mind that many companies will also offer bulk discounts, providing a better deal if you choose to purchase a higher volume of vehicle ads.

Benefits of Taxi Top Advertising

Taxi top advertising targets a wide variety of different demographics, from professionals to students, young and old alike. When you design a taxi ad, you’re essentially buying a mini billboard that will travel throughout the densest parts of a city. Taxis make money by chauffeuring people to and from high-visibility areas, like airports and retail centers. And since the ad space is much smaller than a traditional billboard, taxis are usually a much more affordable option if your advertising budget is limited. 

Successful Taxi Advertising Campaigns

Taxi advertising is especially useful for small businesses hoping to spread the word about their brand in a specific geographic location. In New York City, for example, taxi ads will often raise awareness about the latest Broadway show, or drive up interest in a new restaurant opening. Some brands will even use geo targeting to showcase ads on digital taxi tops that spread the word about new brands in the viewers’ immediate vicinity. As technology continues to expand our digital capabilities, advertising options will become even more targeted and impactful. 

Taxi Advertising Examples

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