Billboards in Wilson

*All metrics are based on a 4-week advertising campaign

Wilson, a thriving city with a rich history and vibrant arts scene, presents a unique opportunity for outdoor advertising. Known for its picturesque architecture, lively downtown, and diverse population, Wilson offers advertisers a chance to engage with a wide audience. By incorporating their messages into the city's landscape, advertisers can create a lasting impact, connecting communities, brands, and individuals in a meaningful way.

What to look for when picking billboards

In the bustling city of Wilson, there are 49 billboards available for advertising. When selecting the perfect billboard for your campaign, consider the following factors:

Billboards price breakdown

Billboard pricing in Wilson varies depending on factors such as location, size, and duration, with the following price data points:

Billboards Impression and CPM Metrics

In Wilson, the impressions and CPM metrics for outdoor advertising provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of billboard campaigns:

Some of the top billboard providers in Wilson

Top billboard providers in Wilson include:

Other formats for advertising in Wilson

A closer look at the data reveals the depth and breadth of the other opportunities available in Wilson:

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