In the bustling metropolis of Austin, Texas, the advertising industry has always been a major player in the local economy. With its bright lights and captivating graphics, the billboard advertising market has long been a staple of the city's vibrant commercial landscape. In recent years, however, this industry has undergone a significant transformation, with the advent of digital technologies and the rise of innovative new players in the field.

Top Billboard Advertising Companies in Austin

The billboard advertising market in Austin is highly competitive, with several companies vying for attention from local and national brands.

Austin is dominated by the four top billboard advertising companies - Reagan Outdoor, Lamar Advertising, SignAd, and Media Choice.

AdQuick partners with every billboard advertising company in Austin and has 99% of the inventory in the Austin out-of-home advertising market available for purchase on its platform.

In no specific order, here are the big players in the Austin outdoor advertising market.

Reagan Outdoor Advertising

Of the traditional billboard companies that have long dominated the Austin market, Reagan Outdoor Advertising is perhaps the most prominent. With a vast network of billboards strategically placed throughout the city, Reagan Outdoor has managed to maintain its position as a key player in the local advertising scene.

Reagan Outdoor Austin offers bulletins, posters, 30-sheets, spectaculars, urban panels, and a handful of specialty media formats.

Their inventory reaches 99% of the adult (18 years+) population in the Austin DMA weekly.

Lamar Advertising

Lamar Advertising has also made a name for itself in Austin, with an impressive array of outdoor displays that are renowned for their eye-catching graphics and striking visual impact.

Lamar Advertising Austin offers bulletins, posters, junior posters, and a handful of specialty media formats in Austin.

Lamar Austin also sell the airport advertising at Austin–Bergstrom International Airport.

Lamar Austin's inventory reaches 99% of the adult (18 years+) population in the Austin DMA weekly.


SignAd offers bulletinsand a handful of specialty media formats in Austin.

SignAd Austin's inventory reaches a sizeable portion of the adult (18 years+) population in the Austin DMA weekly.

Media Choice

Media Choice offers bulletins and a handful of specialty media formats in Austin.

Their inventory reaches a sizeable portion of the adult (18 years+) population in the Austin DMA weekly.

Digital Billboards in Austin

In addition to traditional billboard companies, digital out-of-home advertising in Austin is also thriving, three companies leading the charge: Integration Media, Digital Outdoor Advertising and Big Outdoor. These companies specialize in digital billboards and interactive displays, and they have quickly become popular with advertisers looking to engage with consumers in new and exciting ways.

Digital billboards comprise less than 2% of all the billboards in Austin. Using digital out-of-home (DOOH) adds relevance and timeliness to your campaign through dynamic creative execution and allows for unlimited messaging options during the flight of the campaign.

Change messaging based on triggers such as time of day, weather, sports scores, or any type of numerical counter using AdQuick’s Programmatic DOOH DSP.

Here’s what you need to know about the major players in the Austin DOOH space and their inventory listed on AdQuick.

Integration Media

One such player is Integration Media, which has made waves with its cutting-edge technology and engaging content, as well as its unique ability to target specific demographics in real time.

Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digital Outdoor Advertising is another key player in this space, with a wide range of digital screens and a commitment to creating high-quality, immersive experiences for its clients.

Big Outdoor

Big Outdoor has also made a splash in the Austin market, offering a range of interactive digital displays that are sure to capture the attention of any passerby.

Other DOOH Advertising Companies

AdQuick partners with every DOOH advertising company in Austin and has 99% of the inventory in the Austin digital out-of-home advertising market available for purchase on its platform.The billboard advertising market in Austin is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry that is home to a diverse array of companies that offer a wide range of services and solutions.

From traditional billboards to cutting-edge digital out-of-home advertising, advertisers have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to promoting their products and services.

Whether you're looking for a simple, straightforward billboard ad or a more complex, interactive digital experience, there's great OOH inventory in Austin that can help make your marketing campaign a success.

Other Types of Outdoor Advertising in Austin

Here are some other, non-billboard, out-of-home advertising options that AdQuick customers use to find their target audience in Austin.

Wrapped Vehicle Advertising

Wrapped-car ads and advertising trucks are great for reaching your target audience in areas where there is limited traditional out-of-home inventory.

We commonly see marketers using wrapped vehicles executed by Wrapify, mobilads, Adgile Media, and Carvertise to promote their products in Austin neighborhoods with spotty OOH coverage.

Austin, TX Demographics & Statistics

Nestled in the heart of Texas, the city of Austin has seen a significant growth in population over the past few decades. With a population of nearly 1 million people, Austin has experienced a 23% increase since 2010 and a staggering 52% increase since 2000. This trend of rapid population growth has been ongoing since 1990, with a 114% increase in population during that time period.

Age in Austin

The median age of Austin's population is 32.7, with 51% of the population identifying as male and 49% as female. Children under the age of 18 make up roughly 20% of the population, with the largest age group being those between the ages of 25 and 34 at 22%. The elderly population, those over the age of 75, make up a mere 3% of the population.

Race, Diversity, & Ethnicity in Austin

Austin is a diverse city, with 49% of the population identifying as white, 7% as black, 7% as Asian or Pacific Islander, and 35% as Hispanic. The remaining 2% of the population identifies as either two or more races or Native American.

Housing in Austin

The median age of housing stock in Austin is 31, with a median house value of $551,200. These values have seen a significant increase over the past decade, with a 36% appreciation in the last 12 months and a 148% appreciation in the last 10 years. Rent prices in Austin reflect this trend, with the average rent for a studio apartment being $1,012 and the average rent for a 4-bedroom home or apartment being $2,033. 41% of housing in Austin is owned by the occupant, while 50% is rented out. The remaining 8% is currently vacant.

Income in Austin

In terms of household income, the median household income in Austin is $63,717 and the median family income is $82,020. The per capita income is $37,888. 9% of the population has a household income of over $200,000, while 10% has a household income of less than $15,000. The average household size in Austin is 2.45 people.

Households & Education in Austin

Marriage is somewhat common in Austin, with 42% of the population being married. Of those married, 34% have children. 44% of the population is never married, while 11% is divorced and 3% is widowed.

In terms of education, 87% of the population over the age of 25 has a high school degree or higher, with 29% holding a 4-year college degree and 12% holding a master's degree. 3% of the population holds a professional degree and 2% holds a doctorate degree.

Commuting in Austin

The average commute time for Austin residents is 24 minutes, with 74% of commuters choosing to travel alone by car. 9% of commuters opt for carpooling as a means of getting to work, while 4% use mass transit options such as buses or trains. For those who enjoy a more active lifestyle, commuting by bicycle (1%), walking (2%), or other means (1%) is also an option. A fortunate 8% of Austin commuters have the convenience of working from home.

When it comes to the length of the commute, 2% of Austin commuters have the quick and convenient journey of less than 5 minutes. This gradually increases to 8% for commutes of 6 to 9 minutes, 14% for commutes of 10 to 14 minutes, and so on, with the largest percentage of commuters (19%) having a commute of 15 to 19 minutes. The small minority of commuters, at 1%, have the longest commutes of 90 minutes or more.

Job Market in Austin

The job market in Austin has seen steady growth in recent years, with a 3% growth in the past 12 months and a 17% growth in the past 5 years. This trend is expected to continue, with a projected growth rate of 47% in the next decade. With its reputation as a hub for tech companies and a thriving music scene, it is no surprise that Austin continues to attract job seekers from all over.

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